Recent Submissions

  • Law and justice for a global world: a philosophy of law and justice 

    Schar, Mark (2011-04-26)
    We can at once sum up what has to follow here by saying that law and justice are a kind of culture, a way of life, a mentality, which is also called “civilized” and which is the contrary of the lazy, the dirty, the ignorant, ...
  • 2006 Summer Programme 

    Xiamen Academy of International Law (2011-04-26)
    It is an international institution aiming to provide highest level education to individuals who are particularly sensitive to the development and use of international law, such as young lecturers in international law, ...
  • Poster for the 2006 Summer Program 

    Xiamen Academy of International Law (2011-04-26)
    The Xiamen Summer Program will be conducted in Xiamen by most highly qualified legal professionals from around the world.