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    • Analysis of 3800-year-old Yersinia pestis genomes suggests Bronze Age origin for bubonic plague 

      Maria A. Spyrou; Rezeda I. Tukhbatova; Chuan-Chao Wang; 王传超; Aida Andrades Valtueña; Aditya K. Lankapalli; Vitaly V. Kondrashin; Victor A. Tsybin; Aleksandr Khokhlov; Denise Kühnert; Alexander Herbig; Kirsten I. Bos; Johannes Krause (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-06)
      【Abstract】The origin of Yersinia pestis and the early stages of its evolution are fundamental subjects of investigation given its high virulence and mortality that resulted from past pandemics. Although the earliest evidence ...
    • Ancient human genome-wide data from a 3000-year interval in the Caucasus corresponds with eco-geographic regions 

      Chuan-Chao Wang; 王传超 (Springer Nature Publishing AG, 2019-02)
      【Abstract】Archaeogenetic studies have described the formation of Eurasian ‘steppe ancestry’ as a mixture of Eastern and Caucasus hunter-gatherers. However, it remains unclear when and where this ancestry arose and whether ...

      Ge, Wei; 葛威 (WILEY-BLACKWELL, 2013-DEC)
      To clarify issues involved in problematic identification of ancient starch granules, we investigated suspected granules found in residues from a Neolithic grinding stone in north-east China. The chemical compositions of ...
    • Chinese women's culture: From tradition to modernization 

      Danya, L; 林丹娅 (CHINESE EDUC SOC, 2000-NOV-D)
      The new women's culture of China has experienced two important historical processes. First, with the assistance of male allies, it has attempted to change the established status and position of females in traditional ...
    • D-S证据理论在科学假说确证中的应用 

      方轻 (2007-05-18)
    • Human remains and the environment of Early Pleistocene in the Nihewan Basin 

      Cai, BQ; Li, Q; 蔡保全; 李强 (SCI CHINA SER D, 2004-05)
      A new Early Pleistocene Paleolithic site was found in July 2001 in the Nihewan Basin, Hebei Province. Totally 500 mammal specimens assigned to 21 species and 5 lithic artifacts were collected. The coexistence of Allophaiomys ...
    • Image registration based on criteria of feature point pair mutual information 

      Lu, G.; Yan, J.; Kou, Y.; Zhang, J.; 张娟; 严静 (IET IMAGE PROCESS, 2011-09)
      Similarity measurement based on mutual information maximisation has been successful applied in image registration. However, it costs a lot of computation time and the interference of local maxima in the search process ...
    • 《Incoterms2010》的变化和使用建议 

      王维肖; 王丽晖; 荆蕊 (2011)
    • Investigating the late neolithic millet agriculture in Southeast China: New multidisciplinary evidences 

      Wei Ge; 葛威; Shu Yang; Shihua Dong; Tianlong Jiao; Miao Wang; Mengyang Wu; Yunming Huang; Xuechun Fan; Xijie Yin; Yonghui Zhang; Qiaoguo Tan (Elsevier B.V, 2019-01)
      【Abstract】The spread of millet agriculture to southeast China is critical to understanding the region’s economic pattern and its potential impact on the proposed initial expansion of proto-Austronesians. In this study, we ...
    • KK论题 

      张君; 郑伟平 (2012)
      <正>一个有知的人能否知道(感知、意识、内省)他自己的有知状态?或者说,人们能否从一种有知状态,依靠认识推断来得到知识的知识呢?这是认识论和认识逻辑中的kk论题(kk THESIS,亦称kkPrInCIPlE)。这里,k代表“知道“(knOW)这一命题的态度或心理状态,kk即是双重的认识态度。“kk原则,其最简形式是说,对于任意命题P,如果一个人知道P,那么这个人知道他知道P。稍复杂[1]
    • Krashen输入假说对网络汉语学习资源创建的启示 

      兰芸 (2010)
    • PhilosophyofScience的统计与分析(1988-2007) 

      陈建安; 曹志平 (2012)
      PHIlOSOPHy Of SCIEnCE是美国科学哲学协会的官方刊物,美国科学哲学协会“两年一度会议记录“占所发表的论文总量的比例较高,PHIlOSOPHy Of SCIEnCE呈现出的发展态势基本反映了美国科学哲学的现状。从1988-2007年发表论文关键词的统计看,量子理论的研究最受关注,进化、生物学是另一个研究热点,逻辑、数学、认知科学等方面的研究也备受关注;从影响力的角度上看,在1996-2007年间,PHIlOSOPHy Of ...
    • “Philosophy”翻译的学际诠释与境位反思 

      陈晓隽; 吴光辉 (2016-03-20)
      围绕日本学者西周将"Philosophy"译为"哲学",高坂史朗站在思想史视角,推导出日本脱离中国儒学,树立以西方学术为根本的思维模式与价值体系的问题,由此来论证近代日本的主体性与合理性之所在;藤田正胜站在哲学史视角,阐述西周翻译为"哲学"、中江兆民表述为"理学",并将西田几多郎探索哲学的出发点与笛卡尔"怀疑一切"的现代性思想联系起来,论证西周创立"哲学"的最终目的可以归结为"接续西方"这一主题;而林美茂站在批判史立场,指出西周对于"P ...
    • Plant exploitation of the last foragers at Shizitan in the Middle Yellow River Valley China: evidence from grinding stones 

      Liu, Li; Ge, Wei; Bestel, Sheahan; Jones, Duncan; Shi, Jinming; Song, Yanhua; Chen, Xingcan; 葛威 (J ARCHAEOL SCI, 2011-12)
      China is one of the few centers in the world where plant domestication evolved independently, but its developmental trajectory is poorly understood. This is because there is considerably less data from the terminal Pleistocene ...
    • QUEERLY INTIMATE: Friends, fans and affective communication in a Super Girl fan fiction community 

      Yang, Ling; Bao, Hongwei; 杨玲 (CULT STUD, 2012)
      This article examines the rise of the Girls' Love (GL) fan fiction community in contemporary China. More specifically, we focus on the 'Pink Super Girl Bar', an online fan fiction community devoted to the pairing of the ...
    • SCT动词搭配知识库的构建 

      蒋媛; 李安 (2014-2-15)
    • Sourcing the interaction networks in Neolithic coastal China: a geochemical study of the Tianluoshan stone adzes 

      Jiao, Tianlong; Guo, Zhengfu; Sun, Guoping; Zhang, Maoliang; Li, Xiaohui; 焦天龙 (J ARCHAEOL SCI, 2011-06)
      Using geochemical techniques such as XRF, ICP-MS, and Sr-Nd isotope analysis, we conducted a sourcing study of the stone adzes of Tianluoshan (ca. 5000-7000 BP), an early Neolithic waterlogged site in Zhejiang Province, ...
    • T.S.艾略特在中国文坛的接受与影响 

      梁冬华 (2008-12-01)
    • Testimony信念的确证——超越还原论与非还原论的新途径及对该途径的补充 

      孟峰 (2017)
      Testimony被视为一个重要的知识来源。Testimony信念的确证是testimony知识论中的一个基本问题。对于这个问题,知识论学者们长期争论不休,主要分为还原论和非还原论两种主张,但这两种主张都面临难着以解决的困难。不过,近十年来出现了两个很有创见的新理论,即詹妮弗·拉基(Jennifer Lackey)和保罗·福克纳(Paul Faulkner)分别所提出的testimony信念确证的理论。这两个理论是对还原论和非还原论的片 ...