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    • Nonparametric approach to calculate seasonal factors for AADT estimation 

      Yang, Bingd; Wang, Sheng-G; Cai, Zongw; 蔡宗武 (IFAC Secretariat, 2011)
      Seasonal factors are very important to the estimation of annual average daily traffic (AADT) and Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT). It is used to transfer one or two days measured traffic data at portable traffic monitoring ...
    • Nonparametric estimation of varying coefficient dynamic panel data models 

      Cai, Zongwu; Li, Qi; 蔡宗武 (ECONOMET THEOR, 2008-10)
      We suggest using a class of semiparametric dynamic panel data models to capture individual variations in panel data. The model assumes linearity in some continuous/discrete variables that can be exogenous/endogenous and ...