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    • Low-cost preparation of a conductive and catalytic graphene film from chemical reduction with AlI3 

      Zhao, Xiaochong; Lin, Hong; Li, Junfeng; Xin, Li; Liu, Chenyang; Li, Jianbao; 李鑫 (CARBON, 2012-08)
      AlI3 synthesized by I-2 and Al in ethanol was used as reductive agent to directly obtain flexible reductive graphene oxide (RGO) films with high conductivity of 5320 S/m from graphene oxide (GO) films at a low temperature ...
    • Membrane-based electrolyte sheets for facile fabrication of flexible dye-sensitized solar cells 

      Chen, Jiake; Lin, Hong; Li, Xin; Zhao, Xiaochong; Hao, Feng; Dong, Siming; 李鑫 (ELECTROCHIM ACTA, 2011-07-01)
      New electrolyte sheets based on porous polyethylene membranes for flexible dye-sensitized solar cells have been developed. Ionic liquid electrolytes are accommodated in commercial polyethylene membranes to form the electrolyte ...
    • MEMS阈值可调开关的仿真与实验分析 

      许马会; 刘凤丽; 郭航 (2016-10-11)
      微系统(MEMS)阈值可调开关是一种适用于弹药类型的通用碰炸开关,靠捕捉碰撞目标时的前冲惯性力而闭合。此开关除了受惯性力和静电力之外,还受到可动电极和驱动电极之间由于空气阻力而产生很大的阻尼力的影响。利用Coventor wave软件中的Saber系统仿真法,对设计的开关结构进行瞬态特性分析,仿真结果表明:开关在不同加速度信号下,阈值加速度与电压基本上呈反比关系,且随着阈值加速度的增大,电压减小。对加工的开关样件进行实验检测,实验结果表 ...
    • On optimizing autonomous pipeline inspection 

      Li, Xin; Yu, Wuyi; Lin, Xiao; Iyengar, S.S.; 李鑫 (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2012 Febru)
      This paper studies the optimal inspection of autonomous robots in a complex pipeline system. We solve a 3-D region-guarding problem to suggest the necessary inspection spots. The proposed hierarchical integer linear ...
    • Parametric Simulation and Optimization of Cold-test Properties for a 220 GHz Broadband Folded Waveguide Traveling-wave Tube 

      Zheng, Ruilin; Chen, Xuyuan; 陈旭远 (J INFRARED MILLIM TE, 2009-09)
      Characterized with full-metal structure, high output power and broad bandwidth, microfabricated folded waveguide is considered as a robust slow-wave structure for millimeter wave traveling-wave tubes. In this paper, cold-test ...
    • Particle-in-Cell Simulation and Optimization for a 220-GHz Folded-Waveguide Traveling-Wave Tube 

      Zheng, Ruilin; Ohlckers, Per; Chen, Xuyuan; 陈旭远 (IEEE T ELECTRON DEV, 2011-07)
      The folded-waveguide slow-wave structure (SWS) is a robust beam-wave interaction circuit for millimeter-wave traveling-wave tubes. We applied a particle-in-cell solver (Computer Simulation Technology Particle Studio) to ...
    • Pd nanosheet-covered hollow mesoporous silica nanoparticles as a platform for the chemo-photothermal treatment of cancer cells 

      Fang, Weijun; Tang, Shaoheng; Liu, Pengxin; Fang, Xiaoliang; Gong, Jiawei; Zheng, Nanfeng; 方晓亮; 郑南峰 (Wiley-VCH Verlag, 2012)
      A versatile system combining chemotherapy with photothermal therapy for cancer cells using Pd nanosheet-covered hollow mesoporous silica nanoparticles is reported. While the hollow mesoporous silica core can be used to ...
    • Precisely controlled resorcinol-formaldehyde resin coating for fabricating core-shell, hollow, and yolk-shell carbon nanostructures 

      Fang, Xiaoliang; Liu, Shengjie; Zang, Jun; Xu, Chaofa; Zheng, Ming-Sen; Dong, Quan-Feng; Sun, Daohua; Zheng, Nanfeng; 方晓亮; 郑明森; 董全峰; 孙道华; 郑南峰 (ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, 2013)
      This work provides a facile one-step sol-gel route to synthesize high-quality resorcinol-formaldehyde (RF) resin coated nanocomposites that can be further used to fabricate desired carbon nanostructures. Colloidal particles ...
    • Preparation and characterization of polypyrrole films for three-dimensional micro supercapacitor 

      Sun, Wei; Chen, Xuyuan; 陈旭远 (J POWER SOURCES, 2009-09-05)
      As electro-active electrodes for supercapacitors, micro polypyrrole (PPy) films doping with ClO(4)(-) (PPY(ClO4)) and Cl(-) (PPy(Cl)) are prepared on Ni layers modified three-dimensional (3D) structures in Si substrates. ...
    • Self-supporting sulfur cathodes enabled by two-dimensional carbon yolk-shell nanosheets for high-energy-density lithium-sulfur batteries 

      Fei Pei; 裴非; Lele Lin; Daohui Ou; Zongmin Zheng; 郑宗敏; Shiguang Mo; Xiaoliang Fang; 方晓亮; Nanfeng Zheng; 郑南峰 (Macmillan Publishers Limited, part of Springer Nature, 2017-09)
      【Abstract】How to exert the energy density advantage is a key link in the development of lithium–sulfur batteries. Therefore, the performance degradation of high-sulfur-loading cathodes becomes an urgent problem to be solved ...
    • Self-templating synthesis of hollow mesoporous silica and their applications in catalysis and drug delivery 

      Fang, Xiaoliang; Zhao, Xiaojing; Fang, Weijun; Chen, Cheng; Zheng, Nanfeng; 方晓亮; 郑南峰 (ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, 2013)
      Hollow mesoporous silica materials have been intensively pursued because of their unique properties for various applications. Yolk/shell structured hollow mesoporous silica with functional cores inside their hollow interior ...
    • SERS技术应用于食品中罗丹明B的快速检测 

      许丽梅; 康靖; 曾勇明; 康怀志 (2017)
      目的:罗丹明B(Rhodamine; B,RB)是一种人工合成的三苯甲烷类碱性染料,因其具有潜在的毒性、致癌性被禁止在食品中添加。目前,在中国还没有关于罗丹明B检测的国家标准,也没有; 快速检测标准,建立合适的现场快速检测方法迫在眉睫。方法:借助表面增强拉曼光谱(SERS)技术,以金纳米溶胶为拉曼信号增强模块,利用自制样品前处理; 仪与便携式拉曼光谱检测仪,实现对辣椒制品、腊肉、果汁、葡萄酒等食品中RB的快速检测。结果:快速前处理技术与 ...
    • Symmetric redox supercapacitor based on micro-fabrication with three-dimensional polypyrrole electrodes 

      Sun, Wei; Zheng, Ruilin; Chen, Xuyuan; 陈旭远 (J POWER SOURCES, 2010-10-15)
      To achieve higher energy density and power density, we have designed and fabricated a symmetric redox supercapacitor based on microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technologies. The supercapacitor consists of a three-dimensional ...
    • The application of freestanding titanate nanofiber paper for scattering layers in dye-sensitized solar cells 

      Zhao, Xiaochong; Lin, Hong; Li, Xin; Li, Jianbao; 李鑫 (MATER LETT, 2011-04-30)
      A titanate nanofiber paper with robust and good flexible property was successfully prepared by alkali hydrothermal synthesis with simple paper-making method. These nanofibers were about 80 nm in diameter and had a typical ...
    • The effect of compression on electron transport and recombination in plastic TiO2 photoanodes 

      Zhao, Xiaochong; Lin, Hong; Li, Xin; Li, Jianbao; 李鑫 (ELECTROCHIM ACTA, 2011-07-15)
      The compression method was applied for the preparation of plastic TiO2 porous films on a conductive indium-tin oxide (ITO)-coated polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) substrate at low temperature for the generation of high-efficiency ...
    • The effect of dispersion of TiO2 nanoparticles on preparation of flexible dye-sensitized photoanodes 

      Zhao, Xiao Chong; Lin, Hong; Liu, Yizhu; Li, Xin; Yang, Pan; Chen, Huiyuan Y.; Wang, Gang; Li, Jian Bao; 李鑫 (Science in China Press, 2012 July)
      Generally, nanoparticles are easy to aggregate due to their nano sizes, which influence the physical and chemical properties. In this work, a dispersion treatment of the TiO2 nanoparticles with different average sizes was ...
    • The influence of nitric acid on electron transport and recombination for non-sintering Tio(2) photoanodes 

      Zhao, Xiaochong; Lin, Hong; Li, Xin; Li, Jianbao; 李鑫 (ELECTROCHIM ACTA, 2012-04-15)
      Nitric acid was added to binder-free TiO2 paste for the preparation of plastic TiO2 dye-sensitized photoanode at low temperature on conductive indium-tin oxide (ITO)-coated polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) substrate. The ...
    • 一种获得纳米间隙电极的接触光刻方法 

      张玉龙; 张艳; 蒋书森 (2013-08-15)
      提出一种称之为“阵列误差光刻“的方法。采用两次接触光刻和两次金属剥离工艺,形成两组顶端相对的电极阵列,利用第二次接触光刻时的对准误差,在这两组电极之间按照概率分布形成了一个最小的纳米间隙。设计并制作了一种含有16对电极的验证器件,按照光刻对准误差的范围为±2.0μM进行估算,理论上最小间隙的分布范围为0~150 nM。通过扫描电镜测量实际制造的样品,获得了大量50 nM以下的电极对,最小间隙为16.6 nM,并且制备的电极层厚度可以达到200 ...
    • “中国-澳大利亚功能纳米材料联合实验室”揭牌 

      Unknown author (2009)
    • 中子辐照的单晶硅参数研究 

      沈华; 朱文章; 吴孙桃; 谢敬仁; 陈仪明 (1994)