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    • China and Indonesia Coal Trade Present and Future after the 2008 Financial Crisis 

      Luo Chunchun; 罗春春 (E D P SCIENCES, 2014)
      The policy of "zero tariff' has solved the problem of domestic coal using since 2008, but also raised the coal trade between China and Indonesia. However, some factors have affected on the coal trade in recent years, such ...
    • Human resource allocation and organization performance in high and new technology enterprise - Based on the perspective of knowledge sharing 

      Libin, Zhao; 赵立斌 (IEEE Computer Society, 2013)
      Based on related indicators of high and new technology enterprise of the regional in our country, we found that in the process of human resource allocation, the efficiency had become the important factors that affect the ...
    • Spillover Effects and Technology Innovation in Local Firms: Evidence from China 

      Zheng, Muqiang; Zhong, Mingchang; 郑慕强 (IEEE COMPUTER SOC, 2009)
      This article investigates technology spillover effects of foreign-invested companies (FICs), and explores the relationships between such spillover effects and technology innovation of local firms. We adopt a survey approach ...
    • Wideband sonar imaging via compressed sensing 

      Yan, Huichen; Peng, Shibao; Zhu, Zhaotong; Xu, Jia; Zhang, Xudong; 张旭东 (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2014 Novem)
      In order to solve the contradiction of high azimuth resolution and wide swath in sonar and radar imaging, narrowband compressed sensing (CS) imaging has been studied in depth. This paper studies the wideband sonar imaging ...
    • 厦门大学南洋研究院华侨华人研究网络资源与数据库建设 

      张长虹 (2011-04-26)
      厦门大学南洋研究院(原“厦门大学南洋研究所”)建于1956年,为新中国最早设立的华侨华人问题专门研究机构之一。2000年9月,在南洋研究院基础上组建的东南亚研究中心被批准为国家教育部人文社会科学重点研究基地。中心以基础研究为主,兼顾应用研究,是世界华人研究学会中国分部所在地,承担全国华侨华人研究的学术组织和协调工作,同时也是我国大力加速发展华侨华人研究的支撑点。 数年来,南洋研究院十分重视加强图书资料建设,扩大网络数字化文献资源 ...
    • 泰国华语话剧与抗战 

      张长虹 (2007-07)
    • 泰国华语话剧简述 

      张长虹 (2007-10-27)
    • 第六届海外华人研究与文献收藏机构国际会议会议手册 

      华侨大学; 厦门大学; 俄亥俄大学 (中国福建厦门华侨大学, 2015-10-15)
      2015年10月15日至18日,华侨大学华侨华人研究院将与厦门大学南洋研究院、俄亥俄大学图书馆在华侨大学厦门校区联合主办第六届海外华人研究与文献收藏机构国际会议。会议主题是“当代亚洲的海外华人”。 秉承历届会议的传统,本届会议将以研究与资料收集为中心,促进学者与图书馆员的全球合作。