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dc.contributor.authorYao, J. F.zh_CN
dc.contributor.authorZhan, Y.zh_CN
dc.contributor.authorHung, C. C.zh_CN
dc.contributor.authorXie, X. B.zh_CN
dc.contributor.authorJi, G. L.zh_CN
dc.identifier.citationInformation-an International Interdisciplinary Journal, 2011,14(2):609-620zh_CN
dc.descriptionNational Natural Science Foundation of China [60774033]; Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China [20070384003, 20090121110022]; Program for New Century Excellent Talents in Fujian Province University; Development anzh_CN
dc.description.abstractthe 3D modeling process of virtual human head, splicing side and front face images seamlessly is usually needed. Most of current algorithms employ the multi-degree-analysis (or known as the image pyramid method). Although this method can fuse images, it will reduce the overall image quality. In this paper, we perform the fusion on images by combining iterative deepening algorithm with n*n Wave-low-pass Filters, cutting and stretching the overlapped parts of human face images. We compare the effect of this algorithm with that of other two well-known splicing algorithms. The performance evaluation of the algorithms is also theoretically done by a kind of improved UIQI, which gives the reason why the approach is better than other ones.zh_CN
dc.titleSplicing Side and Front Face Images Seamlessly by Applying Iterative Fusion Algorithm with n*n Wave-low-pass Filterszh_CN

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