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    • Carbon nanotubes-supported Ru catalyst for the generation of COx-free hydrogen from ammonia 

      Yin, SF; Xu, BQ; Zhu, WX; Ng, CF; Zhou, XP; Au, CT; 周小平 (CATAL TODAY, 2004-09-01)
      In comparison to Ru catalysts supported on activated carbon (AC), MgO, Al2O3, and TiO2 under similar reaction conditions, Ru catalyst using carbon nanotubes as support (Ru/CNTs) was found to show high NH3 conversion for ...
    • Electrocatalytic Activities of Ru85Se15 Catalysts Prepared by Microwave Method 

      Zheng, Qiaoming; Li, Haixia; Cheng, Xuan; Jao, Ting-Chu; Weng, Fang-Bor; Su, Ay; Chiang, Yu-Chun; 李海霞; 程璇 (ECS TRANSACTIONS, 2011)
      The Vulcan carbon black (XC-72R) supported or multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) supported Ru85Se15 nonoparticles were synthesized by microwave assisted method at different pH. The XC-72R and MWCNTs supports were ...