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    • Germanium doping and impurities analysis on industrial scale mc-silicon ingot 

      Li, Shuai; Wu, Peng; Zhao, Baitong; Gao, Wenxiu; 高文秀 (Trans Tech Publications, 2012)
      With mc-silicon (multi-crystalline silicon) being the most favorable feedstock for solar cell, germanium was reported to be a promising dopant to improve the quality of silicon crystal growth. In this paper, we investigated ...
    • Simulation of circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler oxygen-enriched combustion 

      Xu, Yuanping; Zhou, Hua; Jiang, Qingyin; 周华; 黄松英 (Trans Tech Publications, 2013)
      In this paper, we focus on the relationship between oxygen-enriched combustion efficiency and oxygen content of primary air under N2 /O2 atmosphere combustion on CFB boiler. Firstly, an entirely possible of CFB boiler ...