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dc.identifier.citationInternational Journal of Fracturezh_CN
dc.description.abstractThe report of Lambros and Rosakis [(1995) J Mech Phys Solids 43(2): 169-188] has focused attention on steady-state transonic interfacial crack growth accounting for the phenomenon of crack face contact in elastic/rigid bimaterial but could not handle issues relating to energy transmission across the interface. The present paper attempts to provide a complete explicit expression of the asymptotic fields induced by transonically propagating interfacial crack in elastic/elastic bimaterial for in-plane case. The energy distribution on the contact area, crack tip and two singular characteristic lines is analysed thoroughly and compared with the dynamic separated J-integrals. The length of the contact zone is also discussed briefly by establishing energy fracture criterion that satisfies contact condition. The two-dimensional in-plane asymptotic deformation field surrounding the contact area of a crack propagating transonically along an elastic/elastic bimaterial interface is observed and discussed thoroughly.zh_CN
dc.subjectfrictional contactzh_CN
dc.subjectelastic/elastic interfacial crackzh_CN
dc.subjectseparated dynamic J-integralzh_CN
dc.titleAnalysis of in-plane transonically propagating interface crack with a finite contact zonezh_CN

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