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    • Microkinetics of steam methane reforming on platinum and rhodium metal surfaces 

      Zhu, T. W.; van Grootel, P. W.; Filot, I. A. W.; Sun, S. G.; van Santen, R. A.; Hensen, E. J. M.; 孙世刚 (2013-01)
      We have investigated the most important elementary reaction steps in the steam methane reforming (SMR) process for planar and stepped Pt surfaces (dissociative CH4 adsorption, CHads-O-ads recombination, H2O activation) and ...
    • Roughening of Pt nanoparticles induced by surface-oxide formation 

      Zhu, T. W.; Hensen, E. J. M.; van Santen, R. A.; Tian, N.; Sun, S. G.; Kaghazchi, P.; Jacob, T.; 孙世刚 (2013)
      Using density functional theory (DFT) and thermodynamic considerations we studied the equilibrium shape of Pt nanoparticles (NPs) under electrochemical conditions. We found that at very high oxygen coverage, obtained at ...