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    • Electrocatalytic oxidation of ethanol on Pt/nanoTiO(2)-CNT complex catalysts 

      Chu Dao-Bao; 褚道葆; Yin Xiao-Juan; 尹晓娟; Feng De-Xiang; 冯德香; Lin Hua-Shui; 林华水; Tain Zhao-Wu; 田昭武 (PEKING UNIV PRESS, 2006)
      Pt/nanoTiO(2)-CNT complex catalysts were prepared by direct hydrolysis of Ti(OEt)(4) and electrochemical scan electrodepositing method. The results of XRD and SEM showed that the nanoTiO(2) (anatase) and Pt nanoparticles ...