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    • A four-shell, 136-metal 3d-4f heterometallic cluster approximating a rectangular parallelepiped 

      Xiang-Jian Kong; 孔祥建; La-Sheng Long; 龙腊生; La-Sheng Long; 黄荣彬; Lan-Sun Zheng; 郑兰荪; T. David Harrisc(Department of Chemistry, University of California); Zhiping Zheng; 郑智平 (ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, 2009-08-07)
      A nanosized heterometallic cluster containing 60 La(III) and 76 Ni(II) ions, which are arranged into a four-shell, nest-like framework structure, was obtained by the hydrolytic reaction of the mixed La(NO3)(3)-Ni(NO3)(2) ...