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    • Anti-resonance features of destructive quantum interference in single-molecule thiophene junctions achieved by electrochemical gating 

      Jie Bai; 白杰; Abdalghani Daaoub; Sara Sangtarash; Xiaohui Li; 李晓慧; Yongxiang Tang; 唐永翔; Qi Zou; Hatef Sadeghi; Shuai Liu; 刘帅; Xiaojuan Huang; 黄晓娟; Zhibing Tan; 谭志冰; Junyang Liu; 刘俊扬; Yang Yang; 杨杨; Jia Shi; 师佳; Gábor Mészáros; Wenbo Chen; 陈文博; Colin Lambert; Wenjing Hong; 洪文晶 (Springer Nature Publishing AG, 2019-02)
      【Abstract】Controlling the electrical conductance and in particular the occurrence of quantum interference in single-molecule junctions through gating effects, has potential for the realization of high-performance functional ...