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    • (Z)-5-amino-2-dibenzylamino-1-phenyl-6-(2-pyridyl)hex-4-en-3-one 

      Meng, J.; Zheng, J. F.; Fang, H.; Jin, L. R.; 郑剑峰 (2006-03)
      The title compound, C31H31N3O, was obtained by the reaction of 4-dibenzylamino-3-oxo-5-phenylpentanenitrile with 2-methylpyridinylmagnesium chloride. The crystal structure involves intermolecular N-(HO)-O-... hydrogen bonds.
    • Zero- and two-dimensional organization of tetrahedral cadmium chalcogenide clusters with bifunctional covalent linkers 

      Zheng, Nanfeng; 郑南峰; Bu, Xianhui ( Calif State Univ Long Beach, Dept Chem & Biochem); Lauda, Jason ( Univ Calif Riverside, Dept Chem); Feng, Pingyun ( Univ Calif Riverside, Dept Chem) (AMER CHEMICAL SOC, 2006-09-05)
      Few examples are known in which chalcogenide clusters are assembled with organic ligands into crystallographically ordered covalent superlattices even though molecular crystals of such clusters have been known for decades. ...
    • Zero-point vibrational corrections to isotropic hyperfine coupling constants in polyatomic molecules 

      Chen, Xing; Rinkevicius, Zilvinas; Cao, Zexing; 曹泽星; Ruud, Kenneth; Agren, Hans (ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, 2010-11-09)
      The present work addresses isotropic hyperfine coupling constants in polyatomic systems with a particular emphasis on a largely neglected, but a posteriori significant, effect, namely zero-point vibrational corrections. ...
    • Zhao-Lun Fang - Obituary 

      Huang, Benli; 黄本立 (SPECTROCHIM ACTA B, 2008-04)
    • ZIF-8-Based Quasi-Solid-State Electrolyte for Lithium Batteries. 

      Sun Cui; Zhang Jin-Hua; Yuan Xiang-Fei; Duan Jia-Ning; Deng Sheng-Wen; Fan Jing-Min; Chang Jeng-Kuei; Zheng Ming-Sen; Dong Quan-Feng (2019-12-18)
      The quasi-solid-state electrolytes (QSSEs) with an inorganic skeleton, a solid-liquid composite material combining their respective merits, exhibit high ionic conductivity and mechanical strength. However, most quasi-solid ...
    • Zigzag boron-carbon nanotubes with quasi-planar tetracoordinate carbons 

      Zhang, Congjie(Shaanxi Normal Univ, Sch Chem & Mat Sci); Sun, Wenxiu(Shaanxi Normal Univ, Sch Chem & Mat Sci); Cao, Zexing; 曹泽星 (AMER CHEMICAL SOC, 2008-04)
      Four kinds of novel zigzag boron-carbon nanotubes with quasi-planar tetracoordinate carbons (2m, 0, 1) (m = 3-6; i = 1-4) have been constructed, and their structures, stabilities, and bonding properties have been investigated ...
    • Zinc Chelation with Hydroxamate in Histone Deacetylases Modulated by Water Access to the Linker Binding Channel 

      Wu, Ruibo; Lu, Zhenyu(NYU, Dept Chem); Cao, Zexing; 曹泽星; Zhang, Yingkai(NYU, Dept Chem) (AMER CHEMICAL SOC, 2011-04-01)
      It is of significant biological interest and medical importance to develop class- and isoform-selective histone deacetylase (HDAC) modulators. The impact of the linker component on HDAC inhibition specificity has been ...
    • Zinc oxide thin film synthesized by combustion chemical vapor deposition 

      Wu,QH; Li,ZY; Li,J; Xu,FC; 徐方成 (2008-12-30)
      Zinc oxide (ZnO) thin film was prepared on quartz substrate by combustion chemical vapor deposition. Its surface morphology, crystal structure, chemical stoichiometry and optical properties were investigated using scanning ...
    • Zinc(II) coordination polymer with a unique entanglement PTS structure 

      Long, L. S.; 龙腊生; Zheng, L. S.; 郑兰荪 (2003-03)
    • Zinc-Catalyzed Asymmetric Formal [4+3] Annulation of Isoxazoles with Enynol Ethers by 6π Electrocyclization: Stereoselective Access to 2H-Azepines. 

      Zhu Xin-Qi; Wang Ze-Shu; Hou Bo-Shang; Zhang Hao-Wen; Deng Chao; Ye Long-Wu (2019-11-13)
      6π electrocyclization has attracted interest in organic synthesis because of its high stereospecificity and atom economy in the construction of versatile 5-7-membered cycles. However, examples of asymmetric 6π electrocyclization ...
    • [Zn(C7H3O5N)]n center dot nH(2)O: A third-order NLO Zn coordination polymer with spiroconjugated structure 

      Zhou, Guo-Wei; Lan, You-Zhao; Zheng, Fa-Kun; Zhang, Xin; Lin, Meng-Hai; 林梦海; Guo, Guo-Cong; Huang, Jin-Shun (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2006-08)
      [Zn(C7H3O5N)](n) (.) nH(2)O (1) possesses an anticlockwise windmill-like framework structure and formats spiroconjugation over the infinite molecular layer that is predicted to have large static third-order polarizability ...
    • [Zn-8(SiO4)(C8H4O4)(6)](n): the firstborn of a metallosilicate-organic hybrid material family (C8H4O4 = isophthalate) 

      Yang, SY; 杨士烑; Long, LS; 龙腊生; Huang, RB; 黄荣彬; Zheng, LS; 郑兰荪 (ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, 2002-01-14)
      [Zn-8(SiO4)(C8H4O4)(6)](n) (C8H4O4 = isophthalate), synthesized by hydrothermal reaction, possesses a diamondoid framework structure constructed from hexahedron-like Zn-8(SiO4) cores and C8H4O4 linkers and remains stable ...
    • Zn-Ni/HZSM-5催化剂上微波辐射诱导正己烷芳构化 

      程志林; 孙兆林; 刘赞 (2002-03-18)
    • Zn-ZrO2/H-ZSM-5双功能催化剂上合成气转化制汽油馏分的研究 

      何顺; 沈政; 常浩浩; 刘志铭; 康金灿; 张庆红; 王野 (2019-01-10)
      针对合成气直接转化制汽油馏分反应,合成了Zn-ZrO2金属氧化物与沸石分子筛复合的双功能催化剂,结果显示Zn-ZrO2/H-ZSM-5具有较高的CO转化率和汽油馏分选择性。考察了反应温度和接触时间对Zn-ZrO2和Zn-ZrO2/H-ZSM-5双功能催化剂的影响,证实了合成气经甲醇/二甲醚中间体制汽油馏分的反应路径。研究了Zn/Zr摩尔比、H-ZSM-5分子筛的Si/Al比对催化性能的影响,结果表明Zn/Zr摩尔比为1∶32、Si/Al ...
    • ZnNi/HZSM-5催化剂上混合C_4烃的芳构化反应 

      程志林; 晁自胜; 万惠霖; 孙兆林; 刘赞 (2002-02-28)
      考察了ZnNi/HZSM 5催化剂制备方法和反应条件对混合C4烃芳构化反应的影响 ,并探讨了反应机理。结果表明 :(1)在ZnNi/HZSM 5催化剂制备过程中 ,采用先浸渍Zn2 + 后浸渍Ni2 + 的方法可以获得性能好的催化剂 ;(2 )混合C4烃在ZnNi/HZSM 5上的芳构化反应有最佳温度范围 ,在该温度范围内可以获得高的BTX的收率及选择性 ;(3)低的质量空速有利于芳构化反应 ,空速升高会因催化剂结焦而使BTX的收率及选择性下降 ...
    • ZnO nanorod coating for solid phase microextraction and its applications for the analysis of aldehydes in instant noodle samples 

      Ji, Jiaojiao; Liu, Haihong; Chen, Jinmei; Zeng, Jingbin; Huang, Jianli; Gao, Leihong; Wang, Yiru; Chen, Xi; 陈曦 (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2012-07-13)
      Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanorods based solid-phase microextraction (SPME) coating was directly prepared on stainless steel wires using in situ hydrothermal growth method. This coating has high surface-to-volume ratio with a ...
    • ZnO nanorod light-emitting diodes fabricated by electrochemical approaches 

      Guo, Honghui; Zhou, Jianzhang; 周建章; Lin, Zhonghua; 林仲华 (ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC, 2007-11)
      We report simple electrochemical methods for rapid growth of freestanding wurtzite ZnO nanorods in an aqueous solution and the following fabrication of a ZnO nanorod/poly(3-methylthiophene) heterojunction light-emitting ...
    • ZnO nanotube manufacture in a microwave plasma system 

      Xie, S. Y.; Zhang, X. H.; Jiang, Z. Y.; Huang, R. B.; Zheng, L. S.; 郑兰荪 (2003)
    • ZnO-聚苯胺复合膜的制备和性能研究 

      席燕燕; 黄怀国; 郑志新; 董平; 周剑章; 吴玲玲; 林仲华 (2003-03-25)
    • ZnO/聚苯胺复合膜的制备和性能表征 

      黄怀国; 陈景河; 邹来昌; 周剑章; 吴玲玲; 林仲华 (2003-01-10)
      采用电化学组装法 (ECA)和溶胶 凝胶法 (sol gel)的联用技术在对胺基苯硫酚 (PATP ,ρ aminothiophenol) Au电极上制备ZnO 聚苯胺(PANI ,polyaniline)复合膜 ,并用TEM ,SEM ,XPS等对ZnO溶胶和ZnO PANI复合膜进行表征。同时还利用紫外 可见吸收光谱、荧光光谱和光电流谱研究了ZnO胶体、ZnO微粒膜和ZnO PANI复合膜的性能。结果表明 ,ZnO ...