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      Ren, Bin; Fang, Taotao; Buote, David A.; 任斌; 方陶陶 (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 2014-02-10)
      Missing baryons, in the form of warm-hot intergalactic medium (WHIM), are expected to reside in cosmic filamentary structures that can be traced by signposts such as large-scale galaxy superstructures. The clear detection ...
    • X-ray and DFT Study of Glaucocalyxin A Compound with Cytotoxic Activity 

      Wang, Fu-dong(Chinese Acad Sci, Lanzhou Inst Chem Phys); Wang, Tao( Xiamen Univ, Coll Phys & Mech Elect Engn); Wu, An-an; 吴安安; Ding, Lan(NW Normal Univ, Coll Life Sci); Wang, Han-qing(Chinese Acad Sci, Lanzhou Inst Chem Phys) (CHINESE PHYSICAL SOC, 2009)
      The title compound glaucocalyxin A (1) (7 alpha,14 beta-dihydroxy-ent-kaur-16-en-3,15-dione) isolated from the leaves of isodon excisoides was characterized by IR, H-1 NMR C-13 NMR, H-1-H-1 COSY, HMQC, HMBC, and EIMS, and ...
    • X-Ray and spectroscopic re-investigation of urotropine-p-nitrophenol complex 

      Ng, SW; Hu, SZ; 胡盛志; Hanna, JV; Raj, SSS; Fun, HK; Razak, IA; Wojciechowski, G; Brzezinski, B (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2001-07-31)
      The product of the reaction between urotropine and p-nitrophenol, reported as a 1:1 adduct that belongs to the triclinic P 1 space group, is, in fact, a 1:2 [C6H12N4]. (p-HOC6H4NO2](2). [H2O] hydrate that crystallizes in ...
    • X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of LiM0.05Mn1.95O4 (M=Ni, Fe and Ti) 

      Wu, Qi-Hui; Xu, Jin-Mei; 许金梅; Zhuang, Quan-Chao; 庄全超; Sun, Shi-Gang; 孙世刚 (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2006-09)
      LiMn2O4 and LiM0.05Mn1.95O4 (M=Ni, Fe and Ti) were synthesized by using solid-state reactions and their surface stoichiometries were confirmed by XPS data. The crystal and electronic structures were investigated by using ...
    • X-shaped hollow α-FeOOH penetration twins and their conversion to α-Fe2O3 nanocrystals bound by high-index facets with enhanced photocatalytic activity 

      Hanfeng Liang; Wei Chen; Rongrong Wang; Zhengbing Qi; Jinxiao Mi; 宓锦校; Zhoucheng Wang; 王周成 (ELSEVIER SCIENCE SA, 2015-08-15)
      Nonspherical hollow nanoparticles (NHNPs) have attracted a great deal of attention in recent years due to their unique properties and many promising applications. However, compared to hollow spheres, the fabrication of ...
    • XAFS study on active iron sites in MCM-41 as a catalyst for liquid phase oxidation 

      T. Shishido; Q. Zhang; Y. Wang; 王野; Tanaka T.; K. Takehira (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 2005)
      Iron-containing mesoporous molecular sieves (Fe-MCM-41) synthesized by both direct hydrothermal (DHT) and template-ion exchange (TIE) methods have been used as catalysts for the liquid phase oxidation of bulky organic ...
    • XAS study of Ni2P/MCM-41 passivated by O-2/He and H2S/H-2 

      Li, Xiang; Sun, Zhichao; Wang, Anjie; Wang, Yao; Duan, Xinping; Chen, Yongying; 段新平 (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2014-01-05)
      Ni2P/MCM-41 with a stoichiometric Ni/P ratio prepared using a H-2 plasma reduction method was passivated either by 10.0 vol.% H2S/H-2 (Ni2P-S) or 1.0 vol.% O-2/He (Ni2P-O). The XAS characterization demonstrated that the ...
    • XAS study of Ni2P/MCM-41 passivated by O2/He and H2S/H2 

      Li, Xiang,; Sun, Zhichao; Wang, Anji; Wang, Y; Duan, Xinpi; Chen, Yongyi; 段新平 (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2014)
      Ni2P/MCM-41 with a stoichiometric Ni/P ratio prepared using a H2 plasma reduction method was passivated either by 10.0 vol.% H 2S/H2 (Ni2P-S) or 1.0 vol.% O2/He (Ni2P-O). The XAS characterization demonstrated that the NiP ...
    • XDA-1大孔吸附树脂对甘草酸及甘草总黄酮的吸附分离 

      傅博强; 刘劼 (2004-12-30)
      本文在比较了四种大孔树脂对甘草酸和甘草总黄酮静态分离性能的基础上,筛选出大孔树脂XDA-1,对它的动态吸附分离条件如上样液浓度、洗脱溶剂及洗脱流速进行了进一步的研究。结果表明,树脂XDA-1对甘草总黄酮和甘草酸的吸附量大,易于洗脱,分离效果好,最终的黄酮收集液中不含甘草酸。本实验的优化条件为:上样液pH=5,甘草酸浓度为1.5 mg/mL,总黄酮浓度为0.75 mg/mL,上样流速为3 BV/h;洗脱液采用1.5 BV/h ...
    • XH-04B乙苯脱氢催化剂的工业应用 

      董建辉; 雷德斌; 余国辉; 李一农 (2004-07-25)
    • XH-1型无钾耐硫变换催化剂的试生产与工业侧线试验 

      连奕新; 王会芳; 陈汉宗; 王志辉; 李一农; 方维平; 杨意泉 (《现代化工》编辑部, 2007-02)
      [中文文摘]以镁铝尖晶石复合材料为载体,采用浸渍钴钼活性组分无煅烧技术,中试制备出新型XH-1无钾耐硫变换催化剂。对该催化剂进行实验室活性评价和6个月的工业侧线试验,结果表明:XH-1型催化剂结构稳定、机械强度高;在中压(2.0MPa)、低汽气比(0.3~0.6)的反应条件下,催化活性优于国内外同类产品;在高压(≥3.0 MPa)、高汽气比(≥1.0)条件下催化性能与同类产品相当,符合高、中压各种变换工艺条件对催化剂性能的要求。[英文文摘]New ...
    • XH-2/3型组合式耐硫变换催化剂的试生产和工业应用 

      王会芳; 李一农; 连奕新; 章青; 张祖芳; 方维平; 杨意泉 (2007-06-20)
      XH-3型催化剂是在XH-2型催化剂(Co-Mo-K/γ-Al2O3)的基础上引入第3种活性组分钨而制成的。通过活性评价和工业侧线试验,结果表明XH-2、XH-3型催化剂在最佳活性温区和耐热性能方面各具特色,可以进行组合填装使用。12 t XH-2/3型组合式耐硫变换催化剂已经成功应用于合成氨的变换工序中,能够达到生产工艺的要求。
    • XH-NH_3(X=F,Cl,Br)质子传递的溶剂效应:簇模型,连续介质模型和离散-连续组合模型的比较 

      曹志霁; 莫亦荣; 林梦海; 张乾二 (2004-09-30)
      分别采用分子簇模型、连续介质模型和离散 -连续组合模型研究了XH NH3 (X =F ,Cl ,Br)分子内质子传递的溶剂效应 .结果表明 ,对于弱酸性化合物FH NH3 ,其溶剂效应主要为短程作用 ,3个H2 O分子即可使其发生质子传递 ,而简单的连续介质模型得到的仍为分子化合物形式 ,需进一步包含溶剂效应短程作用 .对于强酸性化合物ClH NH3 和BrH NH3 ,较弱的溶剂效应即可促使其发生质子传递 ,分子簇模型和连续介质模型均可合理描述 ...
    • XMVB*: A program for ab initio nonorthogonal valence bond computations 

      Lingchun Song; Yirong Mo; Qianer Zhang; 张乾二; Wei Wu; 吴炜 (JOHN WILEY & SONS INC, 2005-02)
      An ab initio nonorthogonal valence bond program, called XMVB, is described in this article. The XMVB package uses Heitler-London-Slater-Pauling (HLSP) functions as state functions, and calculations can be performed with ...
    • XNF光亮镍铁合金电镀工艺 

      陈秉彝; 谢兆雄; 吴平; 杨方祖; 姚士冰; 周绍民 (1989-05-01)
    • XO: An extended ONIOM method for accurate and efficient geometry optimization of large molecules 

      Guo, Wenping; Wu, Anan; Xu, Xin; 吴安安; 徐昕 (CHEM PHYS LETT, 2010-09-30)
      A new hybrid scheme, termed as XO, is developed here to surmount the inherent limitations of the widely used ONIOM method. XO features the ability to combine any number of sub-systems described at any level of theories ...
    • XO: An extended ONIOM method for accurate and efficient modeling of large systems 

      Guo, Wenping; Wu, Anan; Zhang, Igor Ying; Xu, Xin; 吴安安; 徐昕 (J COMPUT CHEM, 2012-10-15)
      Calculation of large complex systems remains to be a great challenge, where there is always a trade-off between accuracy and efficiency. Recently, we proposed the extended our own n-layered integrated molecular orbital ...
    • XPS and ToF-SIMS Study of Electrode Processes on Sn-Ni Alloy Anodes for Li-Ion Batteries 

      Li, Jun-Tao; Swiatowska, Jolanta(Chim ParisTech ENSCP, CNRS UMR 7045); Maurice, Vincent(Chim ParisTech ENSCP, CNRS UMR 7045); Seyeux, Antoine(Chim ParisTech ENSCP, CNRS UMR 7045); Huang, Ling; 黄令; Sun, Shi-Gang; 孙世刚; Marcus, Philippe(Chim ParisTech ENSCP, CNRS UMR 7045) (AMER CHEMICAL SOC, 2011-03-21)
      The characterization of electrode processes induced by lithiation/delithiation of Sn-Ni alloy films electroplated on a copper substrate is presented. Galvanostatic discharge/charge measurements were combined with X-ray ...
    • XPS and ToF-SIMS study of Sn-Co alloy thin films as anode for lithium ion battery 

      Li, Jun-Tao(Xiamen Univ, Sch Energy Res); Swiatowska, Jolanta(Ecole Natl Super Chim Paris Chimie ParisTech); Seyeux, Antoine(Ecole Natl Super Chim Paris Chimie ParisTech); Huang, Ling; Maurice, Vincent(Ecole Natl Super Chim Paris Chimie ParisTech); Sun, Shi-Gang; 孙世刚; Marcus, Philippe(Ecole Natl Super Chim Paris Chimie ParisTech) (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2010-07)
      Sn-Co alloy films were prepared by electroplating on copper and used as anode material of lithium ion battery. Cyclic voltammetry and galvanostatic discharge/charge measurements were combined with surface analysis by X-ray ...
    • XPS study of copper doping TiO2 photocatalyst 

      Wu, S. X.; Ma, Z.; Qin, Y. N.; He, F.; Jia, L. S.; Zhang, Y. J.; 贾立山 (2003)
      The copper doped titanium dioxide was prepared by immersion method. Photocatalytic activity was investigated with acetic acid as a model reactant, and the photocatalyst was analyzed by means of XPS. The enhanced degradation ...