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    • N configuration control of N-doped carbon for stabilizing Cu nanoparticles: The synergistic effects on oxy-carbonylation of methanol 

      Jinping Zhang; Xiaoying Liu; Weikun Chen; Huihuang Fang; Yanping Zheng; Youzhu Yuan (2019-12-04)
      Abstract(#br)N-doped carbons (NCs) have attracted considerable attention for their outstanding physicochemical properties, including tunable porosity, electronic features and modified surface. Here, we report the preparation ...
    • N, S co-doped biomass derived carbon with sheet-like microstructures for supercapacitors 

      Linlin Ji; Bin Wang; Yanling Yu; Nuoxin Wang; Jinbao Zhao (2019-12-11)
      Abstract(#br)In this study, N, S co-doped bamboo fiber derived carbon has been prepared when K 3 Fe(CN) 6 and thiourea are selected as graphitization catalysis and dopant, respectively. The derived carbon possesses a large ...
    • N,N '-bis(benzamido)thioureas as anion receptors 

      Li, Zhao; Liu, Zhao; Liao, Qin-Xian; Wei, Zan-Bin; Long, La-Sheng; 龙腊生; Jiang, Yun-Bao; 江云宝 (ELSEVIER FRANCE-EDITIONS SCIENTIFIQUES MEDICALES ELSEVIER, 2007-07)
      A series of N,M-bis(substituted-benzamido)thioureas (3a-e, substituent =p-OEt, p-Me, H, p-Cl, and m-Cl) was designed as anion receptors based on their double hydrogen bonding interaction with anions. NMR and X-ray crystal ...
    • N,N'-Bis[4-(dimethylamino)benzylidene]-ethane-1,2-diamine 

      Hao, HQ; Zhang, H; 章慧 (2005-12)
      The title compound, C20H26N4, shows a distinctly V-shaped structure. In the crystal structure, parallel rings and short intermolecular contacts indicate the presence of aromatic stacking interactions. A twofold rotation ...
    • N-(1-异喹啉)硫代亚胺碳酸乙酯荧光光谱的pH效应研究 

      俞芸; 林丽榕; 游俊; 黄荣彬; 郑兰荪 (2006-07-10)
      A new compound,O-ethyl S-hydrogen N-isoquinolin-1-yl carbonothioimidate(OESIQY) was synthesized,the photophysical behavior in ethanol and water mixed solution at different pH values was studied by fluorescence spectroscopy.It ...
    • N-(1-萘基)氨基乙酸的激发态分子内电荷转移和电子转移 

      马丽花; 温珍昌; 孙向英; 江云宝 (中华人民共和国教育部(吉林大学承办), 2000-09)
      pH titration of the fluorescence of N-(1-naphthyl)aminoacetic acid(NAA) was performed in aqueous solution over pH range of 1 5â 12 5. Despite no shift in the fluorescence maximum wavelength, the titration curve showed an ...
    • N-(2,4-二硝基苯基)-N -取代苯腙衍生物对阴离子识别研究 

      聂丽(皖西学院化学系); 胡蕾(皖西学院化学系); 傅绪成(皖西学院化学系); 江云宝 (《化学学报》编辑部, 2011-01)
      [中文文摘]合成了4种N-(2,4-二硝基苯基)-N'-取代苯腙类阴离子结合受体(1~4,取代基R=H,o-OCH3,o-Cl,o-OH),应用紫外吸收光谱方法研究了其与阴离子的相互作用,以及考察N'-苯环取代基对受体分子之阴离子亲合力和选择性的影响.实验显示:乙腈中F-、CH3CO-2等阴离子使受体分子吸收光谱红移,溶液由黄色转变为红色,其中受体分子2对F-表现出高选择性的灵敏响应.实验表明受体-阴离子间形成了氢键型超分子配合物,Jo ...
    • N-(2,4-二硝基苯基)-N'-取代苯腙衍生物对阴离子识别研究 

      聂丽; 胡蕾; 傅绪成; 江云宝 (2011-01-14)
      合成了4种N-(2,4-二硝基苯基)-N'-取代苯腙类阴离子结合受体(1~4,取代基R=H,o-OCH3,o-Cl,o-OH),应用紫外吸收光谱方法研究了其与阴离子的相互作用,以及考察N'-苯环取代基对受体分子之阴离子亲合力和选择性的影响.实验显示:乙腈中F-、CH3CO-2等阴离子使受体分子吸收光谱红移,溶液由黄色转变为红色,其中受体分子2对F-表现出高选择性的灵敏响应.实验表明受体-阴离子间形成了氢键型超分子配合物,Job作图法给出 ...
    • N-(2,4-二硝基苯基)-N'-取代苯腙衍生物对阴离子识别研究 

      聂丽; 胡蕾; 傅绪成; 江云宝 (2011)
      合成了4种n-(2,4-二硝基苯基)-n'-取代苯腙类阴离子结合受体(1~4,取代基r=H,O-OCH3,O-Cl,O-OH),应用紫外吸收光谱方法研究了其与阴离子的相互作用,以及考察n'-苯环取代基对受体分子之阴离子亲合力和选择性的影响.实验显示:乙腈中f-、CH3CO-2等阴离子使受体分子吸收光谱红移,溶液由黄色转变为红色,其中受体分子2对f-表现出高选择性的灵敏响应.实验表明受体-阴离子间形成了氢键型超分子配合物,JOb作图法给出 ...
    • N-(2-羟基苯甲酰氨基)苯基(硫)脲的合成及其生物活性研究 

      聂丽; 江云宝 (全国化学试剂信息中心, 2005-03)
      [中文文摘]设计合成了苯甲酰氨基脲、硫脲衍生物 ,并用1HNMR波谱方法确定了它们的结构。初步生物活性实验表明 ,该类分子对小麦幼苗根和芽的生长具有明显的促进作用。[英文文摘]N-(2-Hydroxylbenzamido)-N′-phenyl(thio)u re as with possible biological activity were designed and synthesized.Their structu res were ...
    • N-(4-chlorophenyl)-2-deoxy-alpha-L-ribopyranosylamine 

      Shang, P. H.; Cheng, C. M.; Yang, Y. C.; Wang, R. J.; Zhao, Y. F.; 赵玉芬 (2008)
      In the crystal structure of the title compound, C11H14ClNO3, intermolecular hydrogen bonds link molecules in the ab plane, forming layers that stack along the c axis.
    • N-(Acetamido)thiourea based simple neutral hydrogen-bonding receptors for anions 

      Liu, Wen-Xia; Yang, Rui; Li, Ai-Fang; Li, Zhao; Gao, Yu-Feng; Luo, Xing-Xing; Ruan, Yi-Bin; Jiang, Yun-Bao; 江云宝 (ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, 2009-08)
      N-(Acetamido)-N'-phenylthioureas (4-6) were found to be efficient anion receptors with higher anion affinity than their N-benzamido-N'-phenylthiourea counterparts (1 and 2). The N'-phenylthiourea moiety in 4-6 was shown ...
    • N-(ferrocamido)thiourea-based anion receptors 

      Han Jie; 韩洁; Li Zhao; 黎朝; Liu Wen-Xia; 刘文侠; Yang Rui; 杨睿; Jiang Yun-Bao; 江云宝 (SCIENCE CHINA PRESS, 2006)
      We extended our research on N-benzamidothiourea based anion receptors to N-ferrocamidothioureas and synthesized N-feffocamido-N'-(substituted phenyl)thioureas (3a similar to 3e, substituent X =p-OCH3, p-CH3, H, m-Br, and ...
    • N-(二茂铁酰胺基)硫脲类阴离子受体 

      韩洁; 黎朝; 刘文侠; 杨睿; 江云宝 (2006-08-28)
      我们将N-(苯甲酰胺基)硫脲类阴离子识别受体研究拓展至N-(二茂铁酰胺基)硫脲,设计合成了N-(二茂铁甲酰胺基)-N'-(取代苯基)硫脲(3a~3e,取代基X=p-OCH3,p-CH3,H,m-Br,m-CF3),其中二茂铁基系芳香性的电化学活性基团、“—NH—”为连接臂.研究的目的是进一步理解“—NH—”连接臂的特性和3a~3e作为阴离子的电化学响应受体的可行性.我们发现,3a~3e分子中的N'-苯环取代基不影响其半波电位(0.31V ...
    • N-(对二甲氨基苯基)水杨醛亚胺选择性识别氟离子研究 

      游俊; 徐勤娟; 林丽榕; 黄荣彬; 郑兰荪 (2009-03-15)
      以具有激发态分子内质子转移荧光的水杨醛亚胺衍生物N-(对二甲氨基苯基)水杨醛亚胺(1)为阴离子识别受体,研究了乙腈中受体1荧光对多种阴离子的响应,发现1对氟离子表现出高的响应选择性.乙腈中1的质子转移荧光位于545 nm,加入氟离子后,于479 nm处出现1的阴离子荧光.氟离子经由布朗斯特酸碱作用影响受体1的激发态质子转移荧光,实现了双重荧光比率法对氟离子的高选择性识别响应.

      HUANG, JW; 黄静伟; ZHANG, FZ; 张风章; XU, LS; 许良树; ZHUANG, HT; 张鸿图; WAN, HL; 万惠霖; CAI, QR; 蔡启瑞 (HIGHER EDUCATION PRESS, 1995)
      Ethylene was used as a probe to detect the N-2-binding site in nitrogenase. It was found that ethylene couldn't compete with N-2 in the nitrogenase system. So the N-2-binding site in nitrogenase might probably be the mode ...
    • N-amidothiourea based PET chemosensors for anions 

      Liu, Wen-Xia; Jiang, Yun-Bao; 江云宝 (ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, 2007-05)
      Neutral N-amidothiourea based PET anion sensors bearing a pyrene fluorophore, 1-3, were synthesized and their fluorescent response toward anions was assessed. The anion quenching and binding constants were found to be much ...
    • N-Benzyl-2-propynamide 

      Chen, M. M.; Gao, Y. X.; Wang, H. Y.; Han, D. X.; 韩大雄; Zhao, Y. F.; 赵玉芬 (2009-05)
      Pale-yellow crystals of the title compound, C(10)H(9)NO, have been obtained by the reaction of benzylamine and methyl propiolate. Weak intermolecular hydrogen bonding is observed between acetylenic H and carbonyl O atoms. ...
    • N-Benzyloxymalimide for an easy access to 5-alkyl-3-pyrrolin-2-ones: asymmetric synthesis of the mixed imide substructure of the potent immunosuppressant microcolin B 

      Ye, Zhao-Bao; Chen, Jie; Meng, Wei-Hua; Huang, Pei-Qiang; 黄培强 (PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, 2010-06)
      O-Benzyl-N-benzyloxymalimide 12 has been synthesized as a useful variant of the chiral building blocks 9. The advantage of the malimide 12 over 9 was demonstrated by mild and high-yielding reductive N-deprotection of ...
    • N-Benzylpyridine-2-sulfonamide 

      Chen, X. P.; Han, S. F.; 韩守法 (2009-06)
      The title compound, C(12)H(12)N(2)O(2)S, was obtained by the reaction of 2-mercaptopyridine and benzylamine. The dihedral angle between the benzene and pyridine rings is 75.75 (9)degrees. In the crystal, molecules are ...