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    • Wake vortex control using modified flaps 

      He, Yi; Yang, Jin Wen; Bao, Feng; 鲍锋 (Trans Tech Publications Ltd, 2013)
      The present paper is on the experimental investigation of a potentially effective method to alleviate the strength of aircraft wake vortex. The research work was carried out in a water-towing tank which equipped with a 2-D ...
    • Wave front analysis of a supersonically moving edge dislocation 

      Huang, Surong; Deng, Jianping; 黄素蓉 (TRANS TECH PUBLICATIONS LTD, 2012)
      In a transient analysis of an edge dislocation accelerating through the shear wave speed barrier, stress on the forming Mach fronts is analyzed, the wave front equations are given, as well as the effect of the acceleration ...
    • Wear of coated cutting tool based on AdvantEdge 

      Zhang, Zhi Qiang; Gang, Tie Qiang; Yi, Yi Kai; 冮铁强 (Trans Tech Publications, 2014)
      In this paper, based on finite element simulation software AdvantEdge, the effects of different coating materials and thickness on the wear of cutting tools during the machining process have been studied. For the tools ...
    • Welcome message 

      Kaibang, Yuan; Xiang, Cheng; Fengxiang, Zhang; Lin, Hai; Maoqing, Li; Chen, Ben M.; 程翔; 林海; 李茂青 (IEEE Computer Society, 2011)
    • Well aligned single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) film as a building block for MEMS/NEMS devices 

      Wang, B.; Rong, H.; Lu, M.; 吕苗 (ELECTROCHEMICAL SOC INC, 2012)
      SWNTs are among the strongest known fibers with low density, high thermal conductivity, high piezoresistivity, and can survive in 2-300掳C in oxygenic environment and 鈭?900掳C in vacuum. Some fundamental MEMS/NEMS components, ...
    • Z-transform implementation of the CFS-PML for truncating 3D meta-material FDTD domains 

      Yue, Yong Qing; Zhu, Chun Hui; Feng, Nai Xing; 朱春辉 (Trans Tech Publications Ltd, 2014)
      Efficient Z-transform implementa-tion of the complex frequency-shifted perfectly matched layer (CFS-PML) based on the stretched coordinate PML (SC-PML) formulations and the D-B formulations is proposed for truncating ...