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    • A simple randomized algorithm for two-dimensional strip packing 

      Yang, Shuangyuan; Han, Shuihua; Ye, Weiguo; 韩水华 (2013-01)
      Two-dimensional strip packing problem is to pack given rectangular pieces on a strip of stock sheet having fixed width and infinite height. Its aim is to minimize the height of the strip such that non-guillotinable and fix ...
    • Content-based image authentication: current status, issues, and challenges 

      Han, Shuihua; Chu, Chao-Hsien; Yang, Shuangyuan; 韩水华 (2010-02)
      With today's global digital environment, the Internet is readily accessible anytime from everywhere, so does the digital image manipulation software; thus, digital data is easy to be tampered without notice. Under this ...
    • Developing a collaborative supply chain reference model: A case study in China 

      Han, Shuihua; 韩水华; Chu, Chao-Hsien; Yang, Shuangyuan (2007)
      A well-defined and flexible supply chain reference model forms the basis for promoting supply chain collaboration. This study integrates the concepts of supply chain, collaborative product commerce, and supply chain ...