Recent Submissions

  • Double injection resonator 

    Jun Dong; 董俊 (Springer Nature Publishing AG, 2018-11)
    【Abstract】A single silicon double injection resonator provides flexible response shapes, large free spectral range and tolerance to temperature deviations and fabrication defects, paving the way for high-performance ...
  • Concentrators for Water Waves 

    Chunyang Li; Lin Xu; Lili Zhu; Siyuan Zou; Qing Huo Liu; Zhenyu Wang; 王振宇; Huanyang Chen; 陈焕阳 (American Physical Society., 2018-09-07)
    【Abstract】By introducing concepts from transformation optics to the manipulation of water waves, we design and experimentally demonstrate two annular devices for concentrating waves, which employ gradient depth profiles ...
  • Chalcogenide Glass-on-Graphene Photonics 

    Hongtao Lin; Yi Song; Yizhong Huang; 黄义忠; Derek Kita; Kaiqi Wang; Lan Li; Junying Li; Hanyu Zheng; Skylar Deckoff-Jones; Zhengqian Luo; 罗正钱; Haozhe Wang; Spencer Novak; Anupama Yadav; Chung-Che Huang; Tian Gu; Daniel Hewak; Kathleen Richardson; Jing Kong; Juejun Hu (Macmillan Publishers Limited,part of Springer Nature, 2017-10)
    【Abstract】Two-dimensional (2D) materials are of tremendous interest to integrated photonics, given their singular optical characteristics spanning light emission, modulation, saturable absorption and nonlinear optics. To ...