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  • 3D-printed integrative probeheads for magnetic resonance 

    Junyao Xie; 谢君尧; Xueqiu You; 游学秋; Yuqing Huang; 黄玉清; Zurong Ni; 倪祖荣; Xinchang Wang; 王忻昌; Xingrui Li; 李星锐; Chaoyong Yang; 杨朝勇; Dechao Zhang; 张德超; Hong Chen; 陈宏; Huijun Sun; 孙惠军; Zhong Chen; 陈忠 (Nature Research, 2020-11-13)
    【Abstract】Magnetic resonance (MR) technology has been widely employed in scientific research, clinical diagnosis and geological survey. However, the fabrication of MR radio frequency probeheads still face difficulties in ...
  • Towards visible-wavelength passively mode-locked lasers in all-fibre format 

    Jinhai Zou; 邹金海; Chuchu Dong; Hongjian Wang; Tuanjie Du; Zhengqian Luo; 罗正钱 (Springer Nature Limited, 2020-04-14)
    Mode-locked fibre lasers (MLFLs) are fundamental building blocks of many photonic systems used in industrial, scientific and biomedical applications. To date, 1–2 μm MLFLs have been well developed; however, passively ...
  • Double injection resonator 

    Jun Dong; 董俊 (Springer Nature Publishing AG, 2018-11)
    【Abstract】A single silicon double injection resonator provides flexible response shapes, large free spectral range and tolerance to temperature deviations and fabrication defects, paving the way for high-performance ...
  • Concentrators for Water Waves 

    Chunyang Li; Lin Xu; Lili Zhu; Siyuan Zou; Qing Huo Liu; Zhenyu Wang; 王振宇; Huanyang Chen; 陈焕阳 (American Physical Society., 2018-09-07)
    【Abstract】By introducing concepts from transformation optics to the manipulation of water waves, we design and experimentally demonstrate two annular devices for concentrating waves, which employ gradient depth profiles ...
  • Chalcogenide Glass-on-Graphene Photonics 

    Hongtao Lin; Yi Song; Yizhong Huang; 黄义忠; Derek Kita; Kaiqi Wang; Lan Li; Junying Li; Hanyu Zheng; Skylar Deckoff-Jones; Zhengqian Luo; 罗正钱; Haozhe Wang; Spencer Novak; Anupama Yadav; Chung-Che Huang; Tian Gu; Daniel Hewak; Kathleen Richardson; Jing Kong; Juejun Hu (Macmillan Publishers Limited,part of Springer Nature, 2017-10)
    【Abstract】Two-dimensional (2D) materials are of tremendous interest to integrated photonics, given their singular optical characteristics spanning light emission, modulation, saturable absorption and nonlinear optics. To ...