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    • Angiomotin’g YAP into the Nucleus for Cell Proliferation and Cancer Development 

      Wanjin Hong; 洪万进 (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2013-09-03)
      The Hippo pathway regulates cell proliferation and apoptosis during development, tissue regeneration, and carcinogenesis. Nuclear translocation of the transcription factors Yes-associated protein (YAP) and transcriptional ...
    • Rab34 regulates adhesion, migration, and invasion of breast cancer cells 

      Lixiang Sun; 孙礼祥; Xiaohui Xu; 许晓慧; Yongjun Chen; Yuxia Zhou; Ran Tan; Hantian Qiu; Liting Jin; Wenyi Zhang; Rong Fan; Wanjin Hong; 洪万进; Tuanlao Wang; 王团老 (Macmillan Publishers Limited,part of Springer Nature., 2018-04)
      【Abstract】The small GTPase Rab34 regulates spatial distribution of the lysosomes, secretion and macropinocytosis. In this study, we found that Rab34 is over expressed in aggressive breast cancer cells, implying a potential ...