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    • A short Nur77-derived peptide converts Bcl-2 from a protector to a killer 

      Kolluri, Siva Kumar; Zhu, Xiuwen; Zhou, Xin; Lin, Bingzhen; Chen, Ya; Sun, Kai; Tian, Xuefei; Town, James; Cao, Xihua; Lin, Feng; Zhai, Dayong; Kitada, Shinichi; Luciano, Frederick; O'Donnell, Edmond; Cao, Yu; He, Feng; Lin, Jialing; Reed, John C.; Satter; 张晓坤 (CANCER CELL, 2008-10-07)
      Bcl-2 can be converted into a proapoptotic molecule by nuclear receptor Nur77. However, the development of Bcl-2 converters as anticancer therapeutics has not been explored. Here we report the identification of a Nur77-derived ...