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    • Dual Role of VAMP8 in Regulating Insulin Exocytosis and Islet beta Cell Growth 

      Zhu, Dan; Zhang, Yi; Lam, Patrick P. L.; Dolai, Subhankar; Liu, Yunfeng; Cai, Erica P.; Choi, Diana; Schroer, Stephanie A.; Kang, Youhou; Allister, Emma M.; Qin, Tairan; Wheeler, Michael B.; Wang, Cheng-Chun; Hong, Wan-Jin; Woo, Minna; Gaisano, Herbert Y.; 洪万进 (CELL METAB, 2012-08-08)
      Optimal insulin secretion required to maintain glucose homeostasis is the summation of total pancreatic islet beta cell mass and intrinsic secretory capacity of individual beta cells, which are regulated by distinct ...