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    • Formation of monodisperse mesoporous silica microparticles via spray-drying 

      Waldron, Kathryn; Wu, Winston Duo; Wu, Zhangxiong; Liu, Wenjie; Selomulya, Cordelia; Zhao, Dongyu; Chen, Xiao Do; 刘文杰; 陈晓东 (ACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCE, 2014 March)
      In this work, a protocol to synthesize monodisperse mesoporous silica microparticles via a unique microfluidic jet spray-drying route is reported for the first time. The microparticles demonstrated highly ordered hexagonal ...
    • On the formation of uniform alginate-silica microcomposites with ordered hierarchical structures 

      Liu, Wenjie; Selomulya, Cordelia; Wu, Winston Duo; Gengenbach, Thomas R.; Williams, Tim; Chen, Xiao Dong; 刘文杰; 陈晓东 (ELSEVIER SCI LTD, 2013)
      The hierarchical ordering at micro- and nano-scales in hybrid composites of alginate and silica nanoparticles was observed when uniform microparticles were formed in a single step via a micro-fluidic jet spray drying. A ...