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    • Flavonoids and Isoflavonoids from Sophorae Flos Improve Glucose Uptake in Vitro 

      Chen, Quan Cheng; Zhang, Wei Yun; Jin, Wenyi; Lee, Ik Soo; Min, Byung-Sun; Jung, Hyun-Ju; Na, Minkyun; Lee, SangMyung; Bae, KiHwan; 陈全成 (PLANTA MED, 2010-01)
      Glucose uptake assay-guided fractionations on the methanol extract of Sophorae Flos led to the isolation of the flavonoids rutin (1), narcissin (2), quercetin (3), tamarixetin (4), and kaempferol (5) and the isoflavonoids ...
    • Iridoid glycosides from Gardeniae Fructus for treatment of ankle sprain 

      Chen, Quan Cheng; Zhang, Wei Yun; Youn, UiJoung; Kim, HongJin; Lee, IkSoo; Jung, Hyun-Ju; Na, MinKyun; Min, Byung-Sun; Bae, KiHwan; 陈全成; 张伟云 (PHYTOCHEMISTRY, 2009-04)
      The iridoid glycosides, genipin 1-O-beta-D-isomaltoside (1) and genipin 1,10-di-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside (2), together with six known iridoid glycosides, genipin 1-O-beta-D-gentiobioside (3), geniposide (4), scandoside ...