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    • Anterior Versus Posterior Approach in the Treatment of Chronic Thoracolumbar Fractures 

      Chen, Zhi-wen; Ding, Zhen-qi; Zhai, Wen-liang; Lian, Ke-jian; Kang, Liang-qi; Guo, Lin-xin; Liu, Hui; Lin, Bin; 陈志文; 丁真奇; 翟文亮; 练克俭; 康两期; 郭林新; 林斌 (ORTHOPEDICS, 2012-02)
      The purpose of this study was to compare the results of anterior approach vs posterior approach in the treatment of chronic thoracolumbar fractures. A total of 36 patients with chronic thoracolumbar fractures were divided ...
    • Biomechanical Study Comparing a New Combined Rod-plate System With Conventional Dual-rod and Plate Systems 

      Sha, Mo; Ding, Zheng-Qi; Ting, Hu S.; Kang, Liang-qi; Zhai, Wen-liang; Liu, Hui; 沙漠; 丁真奇; 康两期; 翟文亮 (SLACK INC, 2013)
      Most anterior spinal instrumentation systems are designed as either a plate or dual-rod system and have corresponding limitations. Dual-rod designs may offer greater adjustability; however, this system also maintains a ...