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    • Appoptosin-Mediated Caspase Cleavage of Tau Contributes to Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Pathogenesis 

      Yingjun Zhao; I-Chu Tseng; Charles J. Heyser; Edward Rockenstein; Michael Mante; Anthony Adame; Qiuyang Zheng; Timothy Huang; Xin Wang; Pharhad E. Arslan; Paramita Chakrabarty; Chengbiao Wu; Guojun Bu; 卜国军; William C. Mobley; Yun-wu Zhang; 张云武; Peter St. George-Hyslop; Eliezer Masliah; Paul Fraser; Huaxi Xu; 许华曦 (Elsevier Ltd., 2015-08-10)
      Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) is a movement disorder characterized by tau neuropathology where the underlying mechanism is unknown. An SNP (rs1768208 C/T) has been identified as a strong risk factor for PSP. Here, ...