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    • Loss of sorting nexin 27 contributes to excitatory synaptic dysfunction by modulating glutamate receptor recycling in Down's syndrome 

      Wang, Xin; Zhao, Yingjun; Zhang, Xiaofei; Badie, Hedieh; Zhou, Ying; Mu, Yangling; Loo, Li Shen; Cai, Lei; Thompson, Robert C.; Yang, Bo; Chen, Yaomin; Johnson, Peter F.; Wu, Chengbiao; Bu, Guojun; Mobley, William C.; Zhang, Dongxian; Gage, Fred H.; Ransc; 卜国军 (NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP, 2013)
      Sorting nexin 27 (SNX27), a brain-enriched PDZ domain protein, regulates endocytic sorting and trafficking. Here we show that Snx27(-/-) mice have severe neuronal deficits in the hippocampus and cortex. Although Snx27(+/-) ...