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  • Approximation of a kind of Kantorovich type q-Szász operators 

    Cai, Qing-B; Zhang, Yaohan; Wang, Youzhi; Shan, Mingming; Zhang, Yuhua; Zeng, Xiao-Ming; 曾晓明 (IEEE Computer Society, 2011)
    In this paper, we introduce a modification of Kantorovich type q-Sza′sz operators based on the concept of q-integral, we establish a local approximation theorem and discuss the weighted approximation theorem. ? 2011 IEEE.
  • A poselet-based approach for fall detection 

    Lv, Qingcong; 吕庆聪 (IEEE Computer Society, 2011)
    Thousands of elderly people are victim of a fall incident every year. So it is important to have a fall detection system. This paper gives a poselet-based approach to detect a fall in video. Combined with aspect ratio, the ...
  • Stability and convergence of implicit numerical methods for a class of fractional advection-dispersion models 

    Liu, Fawang; Zhuang, Pinghui; Burrage,; 刘发旺; 庄平辉 (American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2011)
    In this paper, a class of fractional advection-dispersion models (FADM) is investigated. These models include five fractional advection-dispersion models: the immobile, mobile/immobile time FADM with a temporal fractional ...
  • An exact bound on regular Loop subdivision surface 

    Zhou, Guorong; Zhang, Yuhua; Shan, Mingming; Wang, Youzhi; Zhang, Yaohan; Zeng, Xiao-Ming; 曾晓明 (IEEE Computer Society, 2011)
    We propose an algorithm of region division and computations for the basis functions of regular Loop subdivision surface. By means of this algorithm we obtain an exact bound between regular Loop subdivision surface patch ...
  • Constructing copulas on the parabolic boundary of Kendall's tau-Spearman's rho region 

    Zhang, Zhiqiang; Yang, Xiaoyi; 张志强 (IEEE Computer Society, 2011)
    Copula is an effective method that describes the joint distribution of dependent random variables. Meanwhile, Kendall's tau and Spearman's rho are two common and important measures measuring the dependence for random ...
  • Optimization methods for partial quadratic eigenvalue assignment in vibrations 

    Bai, Zheng-Jian; Datta, Biswa Nath; 白正简 (IEEE Computer Society, 2011)
    Vibrating structures, e.g., buildings, bridges, highways, and others, sometime experience dangerous vibrations when acted upon by external forces. A smart way to control such vibrations is to apply active vibration control. ...
  • A high order finite difference/spectral approximations to the time fractional diffusion equations 

    Cao, Jun Yin; Xu, Chuan Ju; Wang, Zi Qiang; 许传炬 (Trans Tech Publications, 2014)
    In this paper, we consider the numerical solution of a time-fractional diffusion equation, which is obtained from the standard diffusion equation by replacing the first order time derivative with a fractional derivative ...
  • Stabilization of transmission hyperbolic equations on Riemannian manifolds 

    Zhang, Wen; Zhang, Zhifei; 张文 (IEEE Computer Society, 2014 Septe)
    This paper considers the stabilization problem for a model arising in the control of noise, coupling the wave equation with a Kirchhoff plate equation on Riemannian manifold. By introducing nonlinear boundary feedback ...
  • Application research on intelligent control strategy in mine sewage processing 

    Huang, Wei; Bi, Jianchao; Zhang, Chi; 张驰 (Springer Verlag, 2012)
    With the development of the industry, the mine sewage disposal gets more and more important. The mine sewage water is mainly produced by the surface percolating water, rock pore water, underground water-bearing stratum, ...
  • Render synthetic fog into interior and exterior photographs 

    Zhao, Fukai; Zeng, Ming; Jiang, Bo; Liu, Xinguo; 蒋波 (Association for Computing Machinery, 2013)
    In this paper, we propose a framework for rendering synthetic fog into interior and exterior photographs. Given a single photograph as input, our approach first obtains an approximation of the illumination and geometry for ...

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