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    • Fault-tolerant Hamiltonian laceability of Cayley graphs generated by transposition trees 

      Li, Hengzhe; Yang, Weihua; Meng, Jixiang; 杨伟华 (DISCRETE MATH, 2012-11-06)
      A bipartite graph is Hamiltonian laceable if there exists a Hamiltonian path joining every pair of vertices that are in different parts of the graph. It is well known that Cay(S-n, B) is Hamiltonian laceable, where S-n is ...
    • Super restricted edge connectivity of regular graphs with two orbits 

      Lin, Huiqiu; Meng, Jixiang; Yang, Weihua; 杨伟华 (APPL MATH COMPUT, 2012-02-15)
      It is well known that the edge-connectivity of a simple, connected, vertex transitive graph attains its regular degree. It is then natural to consider the relationship between the graph's edge connectivity and the number ...