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    • R_m-边割存在的充分条件 

      欧见平; 张福基 (2002-03-25)
      Rm 边割是这样一种边割 ,它将连通图分割为各分支的阶都不小于m的不连通图 .设G是一个阶不小于 2m的连通图 .用c(G)表示G的周长 (即G中最长圈的长度 ) ,如果c(G)≥m +1,那么G含有Rm 边割 ,而且周长c的下界在一定程度上是不可改进的
    • Radon-Nikodym性质与范数的Gteaux可微性 

      罗正华 (2003-06-30)
      本文研究了Banach空间中集合的RNP与范数的G^ateaux可微性之间的关系 ,给出了关于Banach空间中集合具RNP的一些充要条件
    • Rainbow H-factors of complete s-uniform r-partite hypergraphs 

      Chen,A; Zhang,F; Li,H; 张福基 (2008-07-14)
      We say a s-uniform r-partite hypergraph is complete, if it has a vertex partition {V-1, V-2, ..., V-r} of r classes and its hyperedge set consists of all the s-subsets of its vertex set which have at most one vertex in ...
    • Ramsey numbers, graph eigenvalues, and a conjecture of Cao and Yuan 

      Zhang, Fuji; Chen, Zhibo; 张福基 (Elsevier Inc., 2014 Octob)
      Let N be a positive integer and R(N,N) denote the Ramsey number (see [15] or [11]) such that any graph with at least R(N,N) vertices contains a clique with N vertices or an independent set with N vertices. We show that any ...
    • Random duality 

      Guo TieXin; Chen XinXiang; 陈新香 (SCI CHINA SER A, 2009-10)
      The purpose of this paper is to provide a random duality theory for the further development of the theory of random conjugate spaces for random normed modules. First, the complicated stratification structure of a module ...

      LI, YQ; HUANG, XZ; XU, JG; CHEN, GZ; 陈桂芝 (1994-05)
      Derivative variable-offset synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy is developed to improve the spectral resolution and the selectivity of fluorescence measurements. 1-naphthol and 2-naphthol are employed to evaluate the ...
    • Rate of approximation for the Bezier variant of Balazs Kantorovich operators 

      Gupta, V.; Zeng, X. M.; 曾晓明 (2007-08)
      In the present paper we study the Bezier variant of the well known Balazs-Kantorovich operators L(n,alpha)(f, x), alpha >= 1. We establish the rate of convergence for functions of bounded variation. For particular value ...
    • Rate of Convergence of a New Type Kantorovich Variant of Bleimann-Butzer-Hahn Operators 

      Lingju Chen; Xiao-Ming Zeng; 曾晓明 (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2009)
      A new type Kantorovich variant of Bleimann-Butzer-Hahn operator J(n) is introduced. Furthermore, the approximation properties of the operators J(n) are studied. An estimate on the rate of convergence of the operators J(n) ...
    • Rate of convergence of Baskakov-Bezier type operators for locally bounded functions 

      Zeng, X. M.; Gupta, V.; 曾晓明 (2002-NOV-D)
      In this paper, we introduce Baskakov-Bezier operator B-n,B-alpha which is an operator of probabilistic type. We study the rate of convergence of the operator B-n,B-alpha for locally bounded functions by using some inequalities ...
    • Rate of pointwise approximation for locally bounded functions by Szasz operators 

      Zeng, X. M.; Piriou, A.; 曾晓明 (2005-07-15)
      In this paper the asymptotic behavior of Szasz operators for locally bounded functions f is studied at points x where f (x +) and f (x -) exist. An asymptotic estimate of this type approximation is obtained by using some ...
    • Rates of approximation of bounded variation functions by two generalized Meyer-Konig and Zeller type operators 

      Zeng, X. M.; 曾晓明 (2000-05)
      In this paper, the approximation behaviours of two generalized Meyer-Konig and Zeller type operators M-n,M-alpha(f, x) and (M) over cap(n,alpha)(f, x) are studied. By means of the decomposition technique of functions of ...
    • Real Fast Structure-Preserving Algorithm for Eigenproblem of Complex Hermitian Matrices 

      Lai, Jiangzhou; Lu, Linzhang; 卢琳璋 (HINDAWI PUBLISHING CORPORATION, 2013)
      It is well known that the flops for complex operations are usually 4 times of real cases. In the paper, using real operations instead of complex, a real fast structure-preserving algorithm for eigenproblem of complex ...

      Yang, Dachun; Yang, Dongyong; 杨东勇 (ANAL APPL, 2011-07)
      Let lambda > 0, p is an element of ((2 lambda + 1)/(2 lambda + 2), 1], and Delta(lambda) = -d(2)/dx(2) - 2 lambda/x d/dx be the Bessel operator. In this paper, the authors establish the characterizations of atomic Hardy ...
    • Recollements of extension algebras 

      CHEN Qinghua; LIN Yanan (SCIENCE IN CHINA, 2003-07)
      Let A be a finite-dimensional algebra over arbitrary base field k. We prove: if the unbounded derived module category D− (Mod-A) admits symmetric recollement relative to unbounded derived module categories of two ...
    • Recollements, idempotent completions and t-structures of triangulated categories 

      Chen, Qinghua; Tang, Lidan; 唐丽丹 (J ALGEBRA, 2008-04-01)
      We first prove that the idempotent completion of a right or left recollement of triangulated categories is still a right or left recollement, then show that the t-structure on a triangulated category is compatible with ...
    • Recollement导出的共变与反变有限子范畴 

      唐丽丹 (2011)
    • Recursive formulae for enumeration of LM-conjugated circuits in structurally related benzenoid hydrocarbons 

      Guo, X. F.; Randic, M.; 郭晓峰 (2001-10)
      The linearly independent and minimal conjugated (LM-conjugated) circuits of benzenoid hydrocarbons play the central role in the conjugated circuit model. For a general case, the enumeration of LM-conjugated circuits may ...

      Zhang, F. J.; Guo, X. F.; 郭晓峰 (1992)
      Let G0, G1, G2 and G3 denote the sets of all 2-connected graphs, minimally 2-connected graphs, critically 2-connected graphs, and critically and minimally 2-connected graphs, respectively. We introduce the concept of ...
    • Reducible chains of planar 1-cycle resonant graphs 

      Guo, XF; Zhang, FJ; 张福基 (2004-01-28)
      A connected graph G is said to be k-cycle resonant if, for 1 less than or equal to t less than or equal to k, any t disjoint cycles in G are mutually resonant, that is, there is a perfect matching M of G such that each of ...
    • Reducible chains of planar 1-cycle resonant graphs 

      Guo, X. F.; Zhang, F. J.; 郭晓峰 (2004-01-28)
      A connected graph G is said to be k-cycle resonant if, for 1 less than or equal to t less than or equal to k, any t disjoint cycles in G are mutually resonant, that is, there is a perfect matching M of G such that each of ...