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    • n- Gorenstein环上的 Gorenstein内射模(英文) 

      杜先能; 陈正新 (2002-10-30)
      用 Gorenstein内射模刻画了 n-Gorenstein环 .
    • n-double图的连通性 

      郭利涛; 覃城阜; 郭晓峰 (2013-03-15)
      设g_1=(V_1,E_1),g_2=(V_2,E_2)是两个连通图,直积(dIrECT PrOduCT)(也称为krOnECkEr PrOduCT,TEnSOr PrOduCT和CrOSS PrOduCT)g_1g_2的点集为V(g_1g_2)=V(g_1)V(g_2),边集为E(g_1g_2)={(u_1,V_1)(u_2,V_2):u_1u_2∈E(g_1),V_1V_2∈E(g_2)).简单图g的n-dOublE图d_n ...
    • Navier-Stokes 方程的最佳非线性谱Galerkin 算法 

      何银年, 许传炬 (西安交通大学学报, 1999-06)
      提出了求解二维非定常Navier-Stokes 方程的最佳非线性谱Galerkin 算法, 分析了近似解的 一致收敛速度. 和标准的谱Galerkin 算法与非线性谱Galerkin 算法相比, 该算法具有节省计算量的 优点.
    • Navier-Stokes-Poisson方程的弱解关于区域的连续依赖性 

      郭荣聪 (2011)
    • Navier-Stokes方程的最佳非线性谱Galerkin算法 

      何银年; 许传炬 (1999)
    • NBU-[t0,∞)寿命分布及其冲击模型 

      李效虎; 苏志勇 (兰州大学学报(自然科学版), 2000-02)
    • NBU型寿命分布在不可靠服务中的特征 

      李效虎; 张力远 (兰州大学学报(自然科学版), 1996-04)
    • Near periodicity and Zhukovskij stability 

      Ding,CM; Jin,Z; Soriano,JM; 丁昌明 (2008-10)
      In this paper, we prove pairwise equivalence between near periodicity, Poisson stability, recurrence and nonwandering of a point with Zhukovskij stability. In a locally compact phase space, a periodic point is nearly ...
    • New and highly efficient methodology for screening high-yield strains of cytotoxic deacetylmycoepoxydiene (DAM) 

      Zhang, W.; Wang, M.; Huang, Y.; Chea, S. K. P.; Zheng, Z.; Qian, X.; Shen, Y.; 张文 (2011-05)
      Aims: To establish a highly efficient methodology for screening high yield strains of cytotoxic deacetylmycoepoxydiene (DAM), to meet the need of research on its mechanism of anti-tumor properties and in vivo toxicity ...
    • New examples of heavy-tailed O-subexponential distributions and related closure properties 

      Lin, Jianxi; Wang, Yuebao; 林建希 (STAT PROBABIL LETT, 2012-03)
      Let L and S denote the classes of distributions with long tails and subexponential tails respectively. Let O S denote the class of distributions with O-subexponential tails, which means the distributions with the tails ...
    • New lower bound on the number of perfect matchings in fullerene graphs 

      Zhang, HP; Zhang, FJ; 张福基 (2001-10)
      A fullerene graph is a cubic and 3-connected plane graph (or spherical map) that has exactly 12 faces of size 5 and other faces of size 6, which can be regarded as the molecular graph of a fullerene. T. Doslic [3] obtained ...
    • New results on global exponential stabilization of impulsive functional differential equations with infinite delays or finite delays 

      Li, Xiaodi; 李晓迪 (NONLINEAR ANAL-REAL, 2010-10)
      This paper studies the global exponential stabilization of impulsive functional differential equations with infinite delays or finite delays by using Lyapunov functions and improved Razumikhin technique. The results obtained ...
    • New solution and analytical techniques of the implicit numerical method for the anomalous subdiffusion equation 

      Zhuang, P.; Liu, F.; Anh, V.; Turner, I.; 庄平辉 (SIAM J NUMER ANAL, 2008)
      A physical-mathematical approach to anomalous diffusion is based on a generalized diffusion equation containing derivatives of fractional order. In this paper, an anomalous subdiffusion equation (ASub-DE) is considered. A ...
    • Newton iterations for a non-symmetric algebraic Riccati equation 

      Lu, L. Z.; 卢琳璋 (2005-MAR-A)
      The computation of the minimal positive solution of a non-symmetric algebraic Riccati equation arising in transport theory is considered. It was shown in (SIAM J Matrix Anal Appl, submitted) that this can be done via only ...

      Fan, Dashan; Wu, Huoxiong; 伍火熊 (ELEMENT, 2013)
      The authors establish the L-p-mapping properties for a class of non-isotropic singular integrals along surfaces of revolution as well as the related maximal operators, where the integral kernels are given by functions Omega ...
    • Non-Newton filtration equation with nonconstant medium void and critical Sobolev exponent 

      Tan, Z; Liu, XG; 谭忠 (ACTA MATH SIN, 2004-04)
      In this paper we consider the existence and asymptotic estimates of global solutions and finite time blowup of local solutions of quasilinear parabolic equation with critical Sobolev exponent and with lower energy initial ...
    • Non-uniform B-spline curves with multiple shape parameters 

      Cao, Juan; Wang, Guo-zhao; 曹娟 (J ZHEJIANG U-SCI C, 2011-10)
      We introduce a kind of shape-adjustable spline curves defined over a non-uniform knot sequence. These curves not only have the many valued properties of the usual non-uniform B-spline curves, but also are shape adjustable ...

      Wang, Hai-Bin; 王海斌 (J TIME SER ANAL, 2008-09)
      In the present article, we propose and study a new class of nonlinear autoregressive moving-average (ARMA) models, in which each moving-average (MA) coefficient is enlarged to an arbitrary univariate function. We first ...
    • Nonlinear maps preserving similarity on B(H) 

      Du, Shuanping; Hou, Jinchuan; Bai, Zhaofang; 杜拴平 (LINEAR ALGEBRA APPL, 2007-04-15)
      Let X be a real or complex Banach space with dimension at least 3, N-1 (X) be the family of all rank one nilpotent operators. We give the concrete form of every bijective map Phi : N-1 (X) -> N-1 (X) such that T + S is an ...
    • Nonnegative inverse eigenvalue problems with partial eigendata 

      Bai, Zheng-Jian; Serra-Capizzano, Stefano; Zhao, Zhi; 白正简 (2012-03)
      In this paper we consider the inverse problem of constructing an n x n real nonnegative matrix A from the prescribed partial eigendata. We first give the solvability conditions for the inverse problem without the nonnegative ...