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    • (m,/)秩幂等矩阵和(m,/)幂等矩阵的特性研究 

      郭文静; 杨忠鹏; 陈梅香 (2009)
    • (m,l)秩幂等矩阵和(m,l)幂等矩阵的特性研究 

      郭文静; 杨忠鹏; 陈梅香 (《北华大学学报(自然科学版)》编辑部, 2009-02)
    • (m,q)阶序列分数差分方程的解 

      程金发 (2014-11-28)
    • Maps preserving products XY-YX* on von Neumann algebras 

      Bai, Zhaofang; Du, Shuanping; 杜拴平 (J MATH ANAL APPL, 2012-02-01)
      Let M, N be von Neumann algebras with no central summands of type I-1. For T, S is an element of M. define [T, S]* = TS - ST* a new product of T and S. In this note, it is proved that a not necessarily linear bijective map ...

      Du, Shuanping; Hou, Jinchuan; Bai, Zhaofang; 杜拴平 (ROCKY MT J MATH, 2011)
      Let H be an infinite dimensional complex Hilbert space and denote B(H) the Banach algebra of all bounded linear operators acting on H. It is proved that a surjective map Phi on B(H) satisfying that, for any T, S, R is an ...
    • Markov 链平稳分布的迭代解法 

      郭广报 (厦门大学学报(自然科学版), 2008-05)
      近来,Marek 等第一次将Schwarz 方法引入了奇异线性方程组的求解问题. 然而,这种方法对于分裂阵和迭代阵 的要求过于严格. 本文在此基础上,利用Drazin 逆给出了拟非负分裂的定义. 对Markov 链分裂阵的要求由非负型分裂 推广到拟非负型分裂,证明了Markov 链加性Schwarz 迭代,诱导分离及其粗网格校正的半收敛性,扩充了Schwarz 迭代 方法的理论,使这种方法更具实用性.
    • Markov 链的乘性Schwarz 迭代 

      郭广报; 林建华; 林建华 (厦门大学学报(自然科学版), 2009-01)
      近来,Marek 等将Schwarz 方法引入了奇异线性方程组的求解问题. 然而,这种方法对于分裂阵和迭代阵的要求 过于严格. 本文在此基础上,利用Drazin 逆给出了拟非负分裂的定义. 对Markov 链分裂阵的要求由非负型分裂推广到 拟非负型分裂,研究了Markov 链乘性Schwarz 迭代的半收敛性,两水平乘性Schwarz 迭代的半收敛性和它们的单调性, 扩充了Schwarz 迭代方法的理论,使这种方法更具实用性.
    • Markov链平稳分布的迭代解法 

      郭广报 (2008-05-15)
    • Markov链的乘性Schwarz迭代 

      郭广报; 林建华 (2009)
    • Markowitz投资组合模型的优化研究 

      黄斐 (2008-10-05)
    • Matching polynomials for chains of cycles 

      Bian, H; Zhang, FJ; Wang, GP; Yu, HZ; 张福基 (2011-02-28)
      Doslic and Maloy (2010) [2] obtained the extremal 6-cactus chains with respect to the number of matchings and of independent sets. Motivated by the prior paper, in this paper we give recurrences for matching polynomials ...
    • Mathematical basis of idea that harmonious marriage can lengthen life-span 

      Zhang,ZQ; 张志强 (2009-04)
      It is a very important issue for us to explore the effects of the marriage to life. In recent years, many scholars have proved that the marriage can lengthen life-span from different angles. With the development of theory ...
    • {Mathematical expression}-labeling and integer tension of a graph embedded on torus 

      Zhang, Xiaoling L.; Qian, Jianguo G.; 钱建国 (Springer Science+Business Media New York., 2014)
      The {Mathematical expression}-labeling arises from the optimization problem of channel assignment in communication networks. For two non-negative integers {Mathematical expression} and {Mathematical expression}, an ...

      Guo, X. F.; Zhang, F. J.; 郭晓峰 (1992)
      Several definitions of sextet patterns and super sextets of (generalized) polyhexes have been given, first by He Wenjie and He Wenchen [1], later by Zhang Fuji and Guo Xiaofeng [2], and by Ohkami [3], respectively. The ...
    • Matrix decomposition algorithms for the C(0)-quadratic finite element Galerkin method 

      Du, Kui; Fairweather, Graeme; Nguyen, Que N.; Sun, Weiwei; 杜魁 (2009)
      Explicit expressions for the eigensystems of one-dimensional finite element Galerkin (FEG) matrices based on C-0 piecewise quadratic polynomials are determined. These eigensystems are then used in the formulation of fast ...
    • Maximal Operators and Singular Integrals with Non-Isotropic Dilation on Product Domains 

      Ma,BL; Wu,HX; Li,ZK; 伍火熊 (2010-10)
      In this paper, the authors study the L(p)-mapping properties of certain maximal operators with non-isotropic dilation on product domains. As an application, the L(p)-boundedness of the corresponding non-isotropic multiple ...
    • Maximum inverse positive matrices 

      Lu, L. Z.; Ng, M. K.; 卢琳璋 (2007-01)
      We consider a class of inverse positive matrices, which is called Maximum inverse positive (MIP) matrices. If A is an MIP matrix, then for any matrix B which has at least one entry larger than that of A, then B is no tonger ...
    • Maximum principle in linear finite element approximations of anisotropic diffusion-convection-reaction problems 

      Lu, Changna; Huang, Weizhang; Qiu, Jianxian; 邱建贤 (SPRINGER, 2014 JUL)
      A mesh condition is developed for linear finite element approximations of anisotropic diffusion-convection-reaction problems to satisfy a discrete maximum principle. Loosely speaking, the condition requires that the mesh ...
    • Maximum Randic index on trees with k-pendant vertices 

      Zhang, L. Z.; Lu, M.; Tian, F.; 张莲珠 (2007-02)
      The Randic index of an organic molecule whose molecular graph is G is the sum of the weights (d(u) d(v))(-1/2) of all edges uv of G, where d(u) and d(v) are the degrees of the vertices u and v in G. Let T be a tree with n ...
    • Measure theory of statistical convergence 

      Cheng, L. X.; Lin, G. C.; Lan, Y. Y.; Liu, H.; 程立新 (2008-12)
      The question of establishing measure theory for statistical convergence has been moving closer to center stage, since a kind of reasonable theory is not only fundamental for unifying various kinds of statistical convergence, ...