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    • James有限表示定理的推广 

      程庆进 (2007-09-15)
    • Joint decoding algorithm of LDPC codes 

      Fang, Yi; Zhang, Jian-Wen; Wang, Lin; 张剑文; 王琳 (Chinese Institute of Electronics, 2011 June)
      Designing a realizable maximum likelihood (ML) decoder for low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes is always a challenging work over an additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) channel. Although Maxwell decoder is well known for ...
    • Jones polynomials and their zeros for a family of links 

      Jin, XA; Zhang, FJ; 金贤安 (2004-02-15)
      In this paper, we define a family of links which are similar to but more complex than Pretzel links. We compute the exact expressions of the Jones polynomials for this family of links. Motivated by the connection with the ...

      Guo, X. F.; Zhang, F. J.; 郭晓峰 (1994)
      A connected graph G is said to be k-cycle resonant if, for 1 less than or equal to t less than or equal to k, any t disjoint cycles in G are mutually resonant, that is, there is a perfect matching M of G such that each of ...
    • k-Resonance in Benzenoid Systems, Open-ended Carbon Nanotubes, Toroidal Polyhexes; and k-Cycle Resonant Graphs 

      Guo, Xiaofeng; 郭晓峰 (2006)
      Let G be either a benzenoid system (hexagonal system) or an open-ended carbon nanotube (tubule) or a toroidal polyhex. G is said to be k-resonant if, for 1 <= t <= k, any t disjoint hexagons of G are mutually resonant, ...
    • k-resonance of open-ended carbon nanotubes 

      Zhang, FJ; Wang, LS; 张福基 (2004-02)
      An open-ended carbon nanotube or a tubule is a part of some regular hexagonal tessellation of a cylinder. A tubule T is said to be k-resonant if for every k ( or fewer) pairwise disjoint hexagons, the subgraph obtained ...
    • k-resonant benzenoid systems and k-cycle resonant graphs 

      Guo, XF; Zhang, FJ; 张福基 (2001-MAY-J)
      A benzenoid system (or hexagonal system) H is said to be k-resonant if, for 1 less than or equal to t less than or equal to k, any t disjoint hexagons of H are mutually resonant; that is, there is a Kekule structure (or ...
    • Kamenev-type oscillation criteria for delay difference equations 

      Cheng, Jinfa; 程金发 (ACTA MATH SCI, 2007-07)
      Some oscillation criteria are established by Raccati transformation techniques for the following second-order nonlinear neutral difference equation [GRAPHICS] which extend and include several oscillation criteria in [11], ...

      程金发 (2007-07-15)
      <正>Some oscillation criteria are established by Raccati transformation techniques for the following second-order nonlinear neutral difference equation△(p_n(△(x_n+c_nx_(n-τ)))~γ)+q_nx_(n-σ)~β=0,n=0,1,2…which extend and ...

      Chen, R. S.; Guo, X. F.; 郭晓峰 (1993)
      A coronoid system G is k-coverable if for every k (or fewer) pairwise disjoint hexagons the subgraph. obtained from G by deleting all these k hexagons together with their incident edges, has at least one perfect matching. ...
    • Kekule count in capped armchair nanotubes 

      Qian, JG; Zhang, FJ; 张福基 (2005-07-11)
      By using the techniques of the transfer matrix, a formula for the number of Kekule structures in capped armchair nanotubes is established. In effective, according to the symmetric aspect of the tubule, the size of the ...
    • Kinetics of the thermal inactivation of alkaline phosphatase from green crab (Scylla serrata) 

      Chen, QX; Zhang, W; Yan, SX; Zhang, T; Zhou, HM; 张文 (1997)
      The kinetics of thermal inactivation of alkaline phosphatase from green crab (Scylla Serrata) has been studied using the kinetic method relating to the substrate reaction during irreversible inhibition of enzyme activity ...
    • King type modification of q-Bernstein-Schurer operators 

      Ren, Mei-Ying; Zeng, Xiao-Ming; 任美英; 曾晓明 (SPRINGER HEIDELBERG, 2013)
      Very recently the q-Bernstein-Schurer operators which reproduce only constant function were introduced and studied by C. V. Muraru (2011). Inspired by J. P. King, Positive linear operators which preserve x (2) (2003), in ...
    • Klein-Gordon Equations on Modulation Spaces 

      Zhao, Guoping; Chen, Jiecheng; Guo, Weichao; 郭炜超 (HINDAWI PUBLISHING CORPORATION, 2014)
      We consider the Cauchy problem for a family of Klein-Gordon equations with initial data in modulation spaces M-p,1(a). We develop the well-posedness, blowup criterion, stability of regularity, scattering theory, and stability ...
    • Kumaraswamy Binomial分布(英文) 

      李效虎; 黄彦彦; 赵雪艳 (2011-10-15)
    • KumaraswamyBinomial分布(英文) 

      李效虎; 黄彦彦; 赵雪艳 (2011)
    • Khler流形上的典型线丛 

      詹华税; 叶芳草 (2000-03-30)
    • l--n中逐块光滑拟凸域上具有局部全纯核的Leray-Norguet公式 

      林良裕; 许忠义 (1995)
      利用修正的OnO局部化方法和HEnkIn方法,讨论 ̄n中具有逐块光滑边界的拟凸域上可微分函数和全纯函数的具有局部全纯核积分表示,作为应用获得了-方程局部解的lErAy-nOrguET积分公式并证明在含参数局部意义下存在一致估计。
    • L-P bounds for Marcinkiewicz integrals associated to surfaces of revolution 

      Wu, H. X.; 伍火熊 (2006-09-15)
      In this paper we prove the LP-boundedness of some Marcinkiewicz integral operators along surfaces of revolution. Some size conditions implying the L-P(Rn+1) boundedness of these operators for some fixed 1 < p < infinity ...
    • L-p bounds for singular integrals with rough kernels on product domains 

      Ma, Li; Fan, Da Shan; Wu, Huo Xiong; 伍火熊 (ACTA MATH SIN, 2012-01)
      This paper is concerned with singular integral operators on product domains with rough kernels both along radial direction and on spherical surface. Some rather weaker size conditions, which imply the L (p) -boundedness ...