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    • Guanacastane-type diterpenoids with cytotoxic activity from Coprinus plicatilis 

      Liu, Yuanzhen; Li, Yaoyao; Ou, Yixin; Xiao, Shuyan; Lu, Chunhua; Zheng, Zhonghui; 郑忠辉; Shen, Yuemao; 沈月毛 (PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, 2012-08-01)
      Four new guanacastane-type diterpenoids (1-4), together with the known compound, guanacastepene E (5), were isolated from a basidiomycete of the macro-fungi, Coprinus plicatilis 82. Their structures were elucidated on the ...
    • LamB, OmpA and OmpC are key altered outer membrane proteins in E coli response to isopropanol 

      Wang, S.; Zhang, D.; Lin, X.; Li, H.; Peng, X.; 王三英 (TOXICOL LETT, 2011-08-28)
    • Microbial prevention of wax deposition in crude oil 

      Liu, Jianghong; Jia, Yunpeng; Xu, Ruidan; 徐瑞丹 (Trans Tech Publications, 2012)
      Microorganisms were obtained by separation and purification experiment from waxy oil production wells in Daqing Oilfield. The paraffin removal strain was named for S1, and the biological surfactant strain was named for G1. ...
    • Molecular beacon-based homogeneous fluorescence PCR assay for the diagnosis of infectious diseases 

      Li, QG; Liang, JX; Luan, GY; Zhang, Y; Wang, K; 李庆阁 (ANAL SCI, 2000-02)
      A rapid and simple homogeneous fluorescence PCR assay was developed for the clinical diagnosis of infectious diseases based on a molecular beacon. The established method could reproducibly detect Mycobacterium tuberculosis ...
    • Optimization of degrading poly-containing wastewater conditions of mixed bacteria by orthogonal experiments 

      Liu, Jianghong; Xu, Ruidan; Pan, Yang; Wang, Yuanying; 徐瑞丹 (Trans Tech Publications, 2012)
      The factor influencing on the mixed bacteria to degrade wastewater containing poly-containing conditions were optimized. Crude oil as a source of carbon, the effects of nitrogen sources, phosphorus sources, time, inoculation ...
    • Optimizing approach to redundancy rate of sensor signal damping 

      Wang, Fuzhong; Wang, Shuai; 王帅 (IEEE Computer Society, 2011)
      For a class of linear systems, the redundancy rate of sensor signal damping is presented. Based on H∞ performance, a dynamic output-feedback controller is designed with single sensor signal damping interval. Based on linear ...
    • PKD3 is required for prostratin-activated HIV-1 transcription 

      Zhu, Ying; Ding, Feng; Juventus, Aweya Jude; Zhou, Nan; Huan, Zeng; Wu, Shanwen; Wang, Yu; Tong, Xinzhu; Chen, Ruichuan; Liu, Runzhong; 丁凤; 陈瑞川; 刘润忠 (IEEE Computer Society, 2011)
      Prostratin has been shown to promote transcriptional activation of HIV-1 provirus, however, the underlying mechanism is not fully understood. By using HeLa cells with a stably integrated HIV-LTR-Luciferase gene as a reporter ...
    • Purification of silicon by solvent refining with Si-Sn alloy 

      Lu, C.H.; Fang, M.; Lai, H.X.; Huang, L.Q.; Chen, J.; Li, J.T.; Sheng, Z.L.; Shen, J.N.; Luo, X.T.; 鲁春华 (Trans Tech Publications Ltd, 2013)
      Silicon was purified by solvent refining with Si-Sn binary alloy system. Two descend mold velocities, 10mm/h and 100mm/h were tested in directional solidification of the alloy melt. The morphology, structure and the ...
    • Research on the white-rot fungi degradation of lignocellulose of straw 

      Liu, Jianghong; Chen, Yitong; Xu, Ruidan; Sun, Hong; 徐瑞丹 (Trans Tech Publications, 2012)
      The best degradation condition of straw lignin by white-rot fungi was investigated. The adding amount of synthetic medium, the inoculum size and the temperature were investigated by experiment of single factor and orthogonal ...
    • The Localization of hnRNP A2/B1 in Nuclear Matrix and the Aberrant Expression During the RA-Induced Differentiation of Human Neuroblastoma SK-N-SH Cells 

      Liang, Ying; Shi, Song-Lin; Li, Qi-Fu; Chen, Lan-Ying; Jing, Guang-Jun; Tan, Guo-Wei; Wang, San-Ying; 王三英; Wu, Fu-Yun (WILEY-BLACKWELL, 2011-07-07)
      Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein (hnRNP) A2/B1 is involved in the synthesis of RNA. Its expression is up-regulated in many tumor cell lines. In this study, we investigated the distribution of hnRNP A2/B1 in the ...
    • Treatment of poly-containing wastewater with combined process of immobilized microorganism 

      Liu, Jianghong; Pan, Yang; Xu, Ruidan; Wang, Yuanying; Sun, Hong; 徐瑞丹 (Trans Tech Publications, 2012)
      A polyacrylamide (HPAM)-degrading bacteria strains were isolated from HPAM distribution station of Daqing Oil Field. In order to improve the effect of polyacrylamide (HPAM) biodegradation, the paper presented combined ...
    • Tributyltin Causes Obesity and Hepatic Steatosis in Male Mice 

      Zuo, Zhenghong; 左正宏; Zhang, Jiliang; Chen, Shuzhen; Wu, Tian; Su, Ying; Chen, Yixin; Wang, Chonggang; 王重刚 (JOHN WILEY & SONS INC, 2009-11-16)
      Organotin compounds such as tributyltin (TBT) have been used worldwide in agriculture and industry as biocides, heat stabilizers, and chemical catalysts. However, few studies addressing the effects of TBT on growth and ...
    • TsDAF-21/Hsp90 is expressed in all examined stages of Trichinella spiralis 

      Yang, Yurong; Qin, Weiwen; Zarlenga, Dante; Cao, Lei; Tian, Guimei; 杨玉荣 (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2013-May 2)
      Trichinella is an important parasitic nematode of animals worldwide. Heat shock proteins are ubiquitous in nature and allow organisms to quickly respond to environmental stress. A portion of the Tsdaf-21 gene, a Caenorhabditis ...
    • Wood structure of Aegiceras corniculatum and its ecological adaptations to salinities 

      Sun, Q; Lin, P; 林鹏 (HYDROBIOLOGIA, 1997-09-05)
      We describe the wood structure of Aegiceras corniculatum and its differences under various soil salinities. This species had diffuse-porous wood with poorly defined growth rings. Vessels which had single perforations ...
    • 凡纳滨对虾G蛋白Gα_q基因的克隆和功能鉴定 

      叶志云; 金利华; 邹海鹰; 骆晶晶; 林圣彩 (海洋科学, 2008)
      为了寻找并克隆凡纳滨对虾(Litopenaeus vannamei)G蛋白α亚基,为研究对虾的生理调控提供理论基础,通过简并PCR和RACE反应获得目的基因的全长cDNA序列;用Blast,DNAstar和Genedoc软件对所得序列进行分析,确定所得序列为凡纳滨对虾G蛋白Gαq基因,命名为pvGqα。将该基因的编码序列克隆到表达载体,通过免疫共沉淀实验和胞内Ca2+,IP3浓度的测定鉴定该Gαq亚基的功能,发现该亚基的序列和功能与其他 ...
    • 木麻黄幼苗小枝质膜离子泵活性对酸雨的响应 

      李裕红; 严重玲 (2006)
      对模拟p H4. 5~2. 5 酸雨胁迫3 个月后木麻黄幼苗小枝质膜离子泵活性测定结果表明,木麻黄幼苗嫩枝质膜H+ 2 ATPase 和Ca2 + 2ATPase 对酸雨非常敏感,常随酸雨强度的加大其活性受愈来愈强的抑制. p H4. 5~2. 5 酸雨处理使质膜 H + 2ATPase 活性被抑制76. 64 %~85. 88 % ,而Ca2 + 2ATPase 活性仅为对照的14. 12 %~4. 7 %. 在p H3. 0 ...
    • 水体沉积物中有机碳和有机分子碳稳定同位素研究进展 

      薛博; 严重玲; 傅强 (2007)
      有机碳是指存在于沉积物总有机质(TOC)中的碳。由于同位素之间的物理、化学性质的不同,生物在生存活动过程利用环境中碳的同时改变了其同位素的比值,即产生同位素效应(isotopic effect)。通过检测来自于生物有机质中的碳同位素比值,就有可能对沉积物所在地的环境变化信息进行重建,有机碳碳同位素的研究成果已在全球碳循环、古气候变化、生物演化、地层对比研究等领域得到了应用。水体沉积物能够较好地保存环境中的有机质信息,以及良好的时间次序[ ...
    • 滩涂底栖动物有机污染生态学研究进展 

      覃光球; 严重玲 (2006)
      底栖动物由于对有机污染物具有较强的吸收能力,再加上其移动能力较差、生活方式比较固定,而被广泛运用于滩涂有机 污染的研究。目前这些研究主要集中在如下几个方面: (1) 有机污染物在底栖动物体内的分布特征及在底栖食物链中的动力学 研究; (2) 底栖动物对有机污染物的生理响应研究; (3) 污染物对底栖动物群落组成和结构影响研究; (4) 底栖动物在滩涂有机污 染检测中的应用研究。研究结果表明:滩涂底栖动物对有机污染物的累积具有选择性 ...
    • 磷脂酰肌醇转移蛋白 

      莫萍丽; 严重玲; 李裕红; 覃光球 (2007)
       磷脂酰肌醇转移蛋白(phosphatidylinositol/phosphatidylcholinetransferproteins, PITP) 普遍存在于真核生物细胞中, PITP能够结合并交换一分子的磷脂酰肌醇(phosphatidylinositol, PI)或 磷脂酰胆碱(phosphatidylcholine, PC), 并促进这两类脂分子在细胞内膜组分间的转移。PITP对细 胞内膜组分间脂类的运输和代谢、分泌囊泡的 ...
    • 福建漳江口红树林湿地沉积物中四种重金属的空间分布特征 

      刘景春; 严重玲 (亚热带植物科学, 2006)
      对漳江口红树林湿地沉积物中4 种重金属(Pb、Cd、Ni、Fe)含量空间分布的研究表明,漳江口红树 林湿地沉积物中Pb、Fe 含量较高,Cd、Ni 含量相对较低;林内沉积物的Pb、Cd 含量显著高于林外沉积物; 在垂岸方向上,表层沉积物中除Ni 外其它三种元素含量均表现出从林外到林内增加的趋势;在垂直梯度上, 四种元素含量均随着沉积物深度增加而逐渐降低。