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    • Determinants of public T cell responses 

      Li, Hanjie; Ye, Congting; Ji, Guoli; Han, Jiahuai; 韩家淮 (2012-01)
      Historically, sharing T cell receptors (TCRs) between individuals has been speculated to be impossible, considering the dramatic discrepancy between the potential enormity of the TCR repertoire and the limited number of T ...
    • Recombinatorial Biases and Convergent Recombination Determine Interindividual TCR beta Sharing in Murine Thymocytes 

      Li, Hanjie; Ye, Congting; Ji, Guoli; Wu, Xiaohui; Xiang, Zhe; Li, Yuanyue; Cao, Yonghao; Liu, Xiaolong; Douek, Daniel C.; Price, David A.; Han, Jiahuai; 韩家淮 (AMER ASSOC IMMUNOLOGISTS, 2012-09-01)
      Overlap of TCR repertoires among individuals provides the molecular basis for public T cell responses. By deep-sequencing the TCR beta repertoires of CD4(+)CD8(+) thymocytes from three individual mice, we observed that a ...