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    • The p38 pathway regulates oxidative stress tolerance by phosphorylation of mitochondrial protein IscU 

      Tian, Lili; Chen, Jianming; Chen, Mingliang; Gui, Chloe; Zhong, Chuan-Qi; Hong, Lixin; Xie, Changchuan; Wu, Xiurong; Yang, Lirong; Ahmad, Vakil; Han, Jiahuai; 陈建明; 钟传奇; 谢昌传; 吴秀榕; 韩家淮 (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Inc., 2014 Novem)
      The p38 pathway is an evolutionarily conserved signaling pathway that responds to a variety of stresses. However, the underlying mechanisms are largely unknown. In the present study, we demonstrate that p38b is a major p38 ...