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    • Pygo2 expands mammary progenitor cells by facilitating histone H3 K4 methylation 

      Gu, Bingnan; Sun, Peng; Yuan, Yuanyang; Moraes, Ricardo C.; Li, Aihua; Teng, Andy; Agrawal, Anshu; Rheaume, Catherine; Bilanchone, Virginia; Veltmaat, Jacqueline M.; Takemaru, Ken-Ichi; Millar, Sarah; Lee, Eva Y. -H. P.; Lewis, Michael T.; Li, Boan; Da; 李博安 (J CELL BIOL, 2009-06-01)
      Recent studies have unequivocally identified multipotent stem/progenitor cells in mammary glands, offering a tractable model system to unravel genetic and epigenetic regulation of epithelial stem/progenitor cell development ...