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    • Do imports crowd out domestic consumption? A comparative study of China, Japan and Korea 

      Chen, Chuanglian; Chen, Guojin; Yao, Shujie; 陈国进 (CHINA ECON REV, 2012-12)
      A decline in the relative price of imported goods compared to that of domestically produced goods, e.g., caused by domestic currency appreciation, may have different effects on domestic consumption. Such effects may not ...
    • Money demand in China and time-varying cointegration 

      Zuo, Haomiao; Park, Sung Y.; 左浩苗 (CHINA ECON REV, 2011-09)
      Many studies analyze the money demand using a (fixed coefficient) cointegrating regression model, which may not be appropriate to deal with the money demand of a transition economy like China. This paper investigates this ...